Interviews Before Vs. After Being Elected – Disgraced Sherrif David Frazee

Torrance County Sheriff
(505) 544-4900

Demand the resignation of disgraced liar David Frazee.

Full Interview before being elected

Estancia news interview after unlawful arrest

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42 thoughts on “Interviews Before Vs. After Being Elected – Disgraced Sherrif David Frazee

  1. Listening to him and a song from the 80’s comes to my mind by the Thompson Twins called lies. I never liked the song but it fits 100% of the people who run for power. They are there for their own gain and they always want the power and of course those perks because we all know that they are never expected to follow the same unconstitutional rules us lowly serfs are.

  2. "[My allegiance] is definitely with the people. The people is what elected me into office."
    Didn't work out for the people who elected him did it?

  3. Time to go tender your garden (resign) maybe you can go talk rubbish to the flowers
    the people don't want to hear you lie anymore

  4. You are very well spoken, and respectfully your voice will carry much farther and be heard by far more people as demonstrated in this video without obscenities. Thank you for all the time and fruitful effort you put in to stand up for our God given Constitutional Rights. God Bless You Sir. Jeremiah 29:11-13

  5. 6:20 – YOU ARE WRONG, JAMES. Law Enforcement IS NOT part of the "Executive Branch."

    Here's a little lesson for you on the Executive Branch of the US Government:

    The executive branch’s key roles include:

    * President – The president is the head of state, leader of the federal government, and Commander in Chief of the United States armed forces.

    * Vice president – The vice president supports the president. If the president is unable to serve, the vice president becomes president. The vice president also presides over the U.S. Senate and breaks ties in Senate votes.

    * The Cabinet – Cabinet members serve as advisors to the president. They include the vice president, heads of executive departments, and other high-ranking government officials. Cabinet members are nominated by the president and must be approved by the Senate.

    The executive branch also includes executive departments, independent agencies, and other boards, commissions, and committees.

  6. "what ever laws the court make, we are obligated to follow it" – Sheriff David Frazee.

    Like James said, the judicial branch of government can't make laws, because that would be an overreaching of power.

    And anyone who followed such invalid orders, would be committing a tort against that individual and the perpetrators would be held liable.

  7. TRANS SHERIFF. What a complete coward and a liar. What you have here is a trans sheriff. He first self identified as a Constitutionalist now he is taking them whore moan shots and his balls shriveled away and he is a bitch to the woke leftist commies.

  8. Soldiers during the 1940’s in Germany was just following the orders to execute the Jews.

    Cops in US is just following orders to arrest people for not wearing a mask.

  9. it is not the sheriffs place or within his authority to pick and choose what he enforces. wrong or right, the judge held her contempt, thats the way it is. the sheriff does NOT make a determination who has or has not committed contempt, or what one he enforces and does not. this isnt fair to this sheriff. the judge orders the sheriff to detain her for contempt.if he does not, he is in contempt and can be removed form office.

  10. Should send this in a mass email to everyone in this city. This dude so currupt its bot funny. Top sheriff doesn't know what an arrest is. Is extremely dangerouse. Wtf seriously people.

  11. This is just mind blowing. Not being even US citizen..I remember first interview. It seemed wholesome. I was thinking 'maybe there is nothing wrong with this guy'. After all, we had seen so much blatant government employees just not giving single sh** about citizens. Like The Constitution didn't exist in the first place. This should be eye opening to so many people. "I don't know that for a fact, but it could be"..So of many videos I have enjoyed on this channel were not this deep. This is really like a nuclear strike in this topic. Just holy sh***..

  12. Red flag laws, I already get welfare checks and I'm the strongest 2A guy in my family. Well known, I've taken half my family to the range and tried with the rest.
    Prior incidents, local cops know damn well I'm packing. But not what was in my gun safe 5 years ago, just the ready guns I had out when they investigated my wife's death that occurred while I was at work (I should have stayed home that day, I knew something was off).

    Be really easy to red flag me.
    Nobody has thought of it yet, or I'd have given them my guns lead 1st.
    Again and again until I can't anymore, or ran out of my large stock of lead. And brass. Or other.
    Lots of ammo types out there today…

  13. Will follow orders until it bites Us in the honey hole.. That's what these cops say all the time.. they always overstep boundaries and then they look at something like Kobe ad for an excuse to display that on the public that they were just doing their job

  14. Where did this anti constitution, gate keeper, nitwit hiding behind the Jolly Roger flag learn criminal procedure law? The judge ordered her remanded, he didn't arrest her. She broke his rules which aren't a law! Y'all are "law enforcement" not the judge's feelings are hurt enforcement department! The deputies are seen on video seizing her body and taking her away in handcuffs. Y'all arrested her and y'all will have to answer for it. Furthermore, when y'all make idiotic comments on video? It's on the record bubba! If y'all had more than fuzz down there in y'all nether region y'all would have told the judge to pound sand!

  15. Checks and balances are dead.
    2 party system, 2 or more of the 3 branches and there aren't any checks and balances.

    I will argue we need a new amendment. Congress and supreme court need limited to 1/3 of total capacity from any political party.

  16. In the video there’s a guy in a tan jacket behind the lady in the court room not wearing a mask; so was she singled out or is this guy a boot licker..!!!

  17. If anyone is surprised, then that person should reassess their worldview and come out of deception because this is exactly how politics is, from the highest levels of industry & governments down to the most miniscule sElected position that has any power. It's just a big show for you to join in the sElection process and participate in the popularity contest. .

    As the late George Carlin also noted "it's one giant club and we're not in it."

    Of course, he was in it. Completely sold out his soul for the riches of this world.

    That's what they do in the club.

  18. Sheriffs are elected by the people and that's good, but we need to change the process for electing them because we usually end up with a politician who Really Really wants the power of that office. Maybe each household of the county could submit a candidate for Sherif and the top 10 or whatever would be on the ballot. Just an idea. My point is politicians are prostitutes who charge us a handsome fee to rape and pillage us, often literally. For anyone who has been following what this politician/ prostitute/ land pirate has said and done, there should be no doubt in your mind that he would, with a clear conscience, oversee the roundup and transportation of everyone of you and your loved ones to special camp resorts for the good of community.
    One more thought. Government is a fiction We the People created to serve us. We have the right and duty to change or dissolve their status or existence at anytime because we created them. God gave us His people dominion.

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