28 thoughts on “I’m TAKING YOUR SIGN! Chief violates rights taking ANOTHER sign

  1. Derrrr. "Due Process". 5 days, not 5 hours.

    The right of way ends at the curb. Nothing in the yard is part of any Right of Way.

    An easement is for the utility. Only the utility has access to it.

  2. That police chief's ego is bigger than his motorcycle. He needs to lose his job, ! He violated all sorts of that guy's rights and stole his property, ! I wonder how many other people's rights he violated, !! They Should all come forward, ! What a dick head

  3. This "If he runs his mouth anymore I'm going to arrest him" is clearly a violation of the first amendment but since there is no court decision on events EXACTLY like this event he cannot reasonably be expected to know that it is a violation so he has qualified immunity from suit or accountability..

  4. how many more times do we have to see bad cops doing bad things to people
    qualified immunity should be repealed and we can sue the police directly and get there own money then we will maybe get good cops who respect the law and know the law also

  5. No right to protest, no right to petition, no right to free speech, no warrant on private property, unlawful seizure of private property, no due process…
    Wow… it's good we live in America, huh?

  6. Let’s just say the sign was in violation of the city ordinance. The Chief can’t take the law in his hands and take the guys sign. He has steps that he must fellow.

  7. I'd put a sign right back up, every day! That chief is a douche head! How the Fu@# did a douche hole like that get to be chief? Did he get the badge from a cracker jacks box?

  8. QUALIFIED IMMUNITY removes "EQUAL RIGHTS" and "EQUAL JUSTICE" from every U.S. taxpayer who is not employed as a cop!
    Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest gift to the police!
    Schoolchildren even hate the criminally protected outdated police! (Caveat, always record problematic police!)

    – (Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022)

  9. If it's not his property all the way to the street, how come people have their driveways all the way there? You don't have to be an ignorant tyrant to become a cop, but it helps, since you don't need the training..

  10. This is terrible, lazy ass policing. No one was disturbed, no right of way could be blocked by that little sign. What a POS chief like most.

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