45 thoughts on “I’m NOT here to make friends! FIRE MARSHAL Refuses to budge!

  1. Did'ja ever notice that when someone asks a question (of more than three syllables) or makes a request, they have to repeat it for purposes of comprehension by the bureaucrat?

  2. Why bother people that are going to drag your loved one's out of a burning wreck or save your home from burning to the ground over some stupid public records request you don't even need? I think too many people that call themselves "Auditors" are doing real harm to the movement and successfully turning people off the Bill of Rights rather than giving them incentive to read it! Perhaps I'm missing the point but in my book firefighters are off the hit list. On the contrary, if you made friends rather than being obnoxious they would allow you to film all the cool stuff inside and you'd have some real cool guys to hang out with.

  3. how we the poeple pay for gov officals to babysit there pets while on duty . this blue lying gang behavour is out of control

  4. If the fire marshal didn’t know how to fulfill the request and said that so and so will be back at this time and they will take care of it I would understand that

  5. An individual popular in the auditing Community should do pretty well running for office on a platform of ending qualified immunity. This may make more of a change than contact your congratulations representatives.

  6. they know and depend on the average person not being able to afford an attorney to hold them accountable, thats why government employees have stopped serving the public and now only serve themselves to our tax dollars…

  7. That uneducated " Fire Marshall ' forgot , he works for the people ……..P.S …." Fire Chief " was professional and polite…. congratulations……

  8. In general I find it better to avoid things like saying fuck if I can. It's just better MOJO. You can say whatever you want but just make the request something else. I guess you may have a reason for that specific request but if not it's just silly.

  9. Another public employee that doesn't know the law and worse, refuses to assist a citizen with a lawful request. The chief handled it pretty well but the employee, if he didn't know the answers, should have first said, "I'll have to contact my chief to find out how we do that". That would have been fine, if they don't know then just go find out. He didn't, the employee was butthurt for no reason.

  10. What do you mean you don't know whether it's true or not don't you take the word of an honest citizen looks like he's just one of the blue Smurfs

  11. Outstanding hold the public servants accountable for their actions! At least the chief did his job! The fire marshal! Not so good! My take on this is that the fire marshal in his mind is the person always in control! For once he is not in control and out of his comfort zone

  12. He’s doing whatever he can to have free citizens start saying “fuck the fire department!”. What is with the entitlement of these scumbags who do everything they can to earn the hate of the public.

  13. The ruling elites running the current secular order are so mendacious, so corrupt, so incompetent, so duplicitous, so leprous, so diseased, so full of themselves, so hypocritical, so lecherous, and so godless, the end result of all their schemes for ushering in their endless sunshine and high speed rail is that they have determined to blow up any number of societal norms.

    What we are dealing with is grotesque mismanagement by the elites, and of the swells, and at levels such that a form of grandeur creeps into it.

  14. That’s typical dirtbag Florida law agency’s and how they act – ALL Florida law enforcement and state agencies need MAJOR policy changes on how they interact with the TAXPAYERS 💪💥✌️😎🇺🇸🦞🏄‍♂️

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