Illegal Detention In A Parking Lot – Gotta Get That ID!

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San Diego Police

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Author: phillyfinest369


41 thoughts on “Illegal Detention In A Parking Lot – Gotta Get That ID!

  1. James, thinking about my own police encounter and how I chose to pretend to be respectful & cooperate as a means of self-preservation, while despising the thug that put his hands on me and held me against my will and forcibly robbed me of my liberty and my property, I truly appreciate your closing remarks in this video.

  2. Perfect example. A Paramilitary mercenary organisation ( those thugs have nothing to do with police officers anymore) rules over the streets of the US and citizens have to be afraid of their health and lives.
    And the roten US justice system tolerates this….
    That much to the "Land of the free.."
    If you people of the US not stand up against this start worrying about the freedom of your future generations.
    Don't be fooled the more you get along or obey the worse it will get.
    If you as a free citizen get approached like this here in Europe without a reason depending on the country those kind of mercenaries would be in trouble either they have right away a brawl on their hands no matter what.. or a lawsuit on their neck so that their ears won't stop shaking.
    As a citizen of a free democracy you even have the DUTY to stop this.
    A Shame for any Democracy.
    Greetings from Greece stay free IF you can.
    "Give me Liberty or give me death.."
    Time to remember the words of Patrick Henry.

  3. COMPLY OR DIE: they are called "CITIZEN EXTERMINATION AGENTS" they are contracted by the powers that be to "cull the herd", : cull the herd: 1. Literally, to separate or remove (and usually kill) inferior animals out of a herd so as to reduce numbers or remove undesirable traits … ,,, always remember to ask the "citizen extermination agents" the important questions,,,

    "name, badge number and BODY COUNT"

  4. Might as well be swastikas where those badges are, same fkin results cept we just kill prisoners slower and less obviously now and have better propaganda convincing the public its a good thing.

  5. Beta Betty can’t even make eye contact and keeps scratching her head nervously. Gee, that’s who I want patrolling the streets… a fraidy cat.

    HEY! The caveman at the end is our town’s mascot, he gets dragged across town by a truck for the hs football games! Isn’t he bizarre? Like, who wants to be a caveman? 😂 But that’s him! Huge, ugly, dopey, and archaic.

    Grants Pass, Oregon

  6. Being devil's advocate, would there be some justification for requesting a valid DRIVERS LICENSE (a form of ID) in this case since he was caught operating a motor vehicle?

  7. How in the hell did these 2 idiots make it through life and above all become cops?? Did the city go to the mental ward and ask for volunteers??????

  8. For all of you f**** cops out there your arrogance is your demise! We are f**** sick of your tyrannical unconstitutional f**** b*******!!!!!!!!!

  9. No competition = bad results for consumers. Cops need more than competition, they need to go out of business or at least change their business until they're no longer recognizable as what they are now.

  10. hey james, no offence brother but you are not the long island audit, and you will never be, i never once seen you go out in public and defend the people. stop replying on other videos and do the job yourself. it makes you look lazy and a clout chaser

  11. punks, dirty, crooked LYING cops, nothing more. Cops are ZERO's, firemen are HERO's!!! Pieces of trash that are hooked on ID, it's their choice of drug, like cocaine. Garbage tyrant tards.

  12. Earning the hate. They are trained this way because both of these officers had no problem violating this guy’s rights. Why didn’t one of them stop the other? Because they are trained to harass citizens.

  13. Just a reminder that these cops would be immoral criminals even without the constitution. And don’t forget that the constitution illegally usurped the Articles of Confederation. “No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority”

  14. Now a days doing something different (not illegal)or hurting feelings (not illegal) makes you a criminal thanks to cops and citizens who call them. People need to stop calling the blue gang unless a real crime is being committed and the blue gangsters need qualified immunity gone as of yesterday. We keep going this path and not doing anything about it its gonna be like North Korea here.

  15. Holly crap! My city in the spotlight!
    I feel San Diego is actually the least abusive when it comes to policing but every now and then extra idiots pop up due to being desperate to hire.
    Yes! bring them to light and stomp the tyrannical behavior at its seed!

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