33 thoughts on “IF YOU HATE COPS, NEXT TIME YOU’RE IN TROUBLE, CALL A CRACKHEAD #ytshorts #yt #shorts

  1. I was on my bike doing 88 mph in a 75 zone with a state trooper behind me and I hit a turkey vulture which ended up breaking my wrist. I pulled over about 2 miles later to check it out because it was starting to hurt, a lot. The cop pulled over with me to see if I was ok then offered to escort me to the ER. He was gonna help me do a speed run to the ER if I wanted. (The nearest ER was pretty far away. I was way out in the country.) He never even brought up the +13 over the speed limit. I turned him down. We chatted for a few then I made my way home. Not all cops are douches.

  2. Crack heads are probably MUCH safer to be around than an oinker.
    There is no bad situation that can't be made so much more worse when an oinker shows up.
    Scariest words to ever hear – "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" or in this case "hi, I'm Johnny cop, Do you need any help?" as he's tazing and beating you shouting "stop resisting, stop resisting" As he's protecting and serving the sht right out of you. Or the oinker will drive up, ask if you need help, and then ask for your ID and as you reach for the ID he asked you for he'll shoot you dead "fearing for his life" because you were reaching for something

  3. Let me guess Johnny ..you didn’t get attention as a child and this is why you beg for attention from cops to make up for the attention your daddy never gave you??? lol

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