26 thoughts on “ID REFUSAL – Cop gets education today, then copsplaining ensues!

  1. This shit has been going-on for YEARS. None of what they're doing is out of simple ignorance. It IS all about they're being liars, hypocrites, corrupt traitorous bastards! To witness all these arrogant SoB's stuffed into cop costumes PRETENDING LIKE THEY DON'T KNOW THE ACTUAL F'ing LAW(s), and when they DO HAVE THE LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DEMAND ANYONE's I.D., video after video, for YEARS, proves just how morally and legally malignant Govt., the Judiciary, and EVERY Agency that is our current Law ENFARCEMENT, are!
    Respect is EARNED, not DEMANDED!
    Treat THEM precisely as they deserve!

  2. only learn the laws that allow you to do certain things, the cop asking him what the policy number is for running a stop sign is a policy that the cops should know would he walk up to a 10 year old child and ask him, oops forgot it was cops so he possibly would but the cops carry a huge book he could look it up pretty sure no one would have that knowledge except maybe someone who harasses the public writing citations every day for running a stop sign

  3. The fallacies with LEO:
    If you understand laws, statutes and codes then it’s “so where’d you get your law degree?!?”
    If you don’t understand laws, statutes and codes it’s:
    “Ignorance isn’t a factor”
    So always invoke your 5th Amd protection and let the LEO talk themselves into an irrational position…alone.

  4. As soon as the cop said, I am not saying you can not open carry.. I would have said, this conversation is now over, you agree, I am allowed to open carry and I have given you the code which allows it and its the only thing you are here for bye..

  5. These blue lying coward gang members should be getting charged with harassing a fisherman!! They’ve done it a load of times that it’s plain to see and the evidence is on videos that the courts would have to slap these blue lying cowards with a charge!!!

  6. under Article 10 of the Bill of Rights you have the right to kill tyrants upon sight and as per the US Constitution no one is entitled to a trial

  7. IMO> And isn't that the point, if there going to enforce some or any law shouldn't they learn how they apply, first. While one of them is driving, couldn't the second cop use the time to read or make a call about the laws and what's legal.

  8. I just don't believe a person should be carrying a rifle on a public beach….if you're going to carry, a handgun in a holster, concealed, is way better…..

  9. Ignorant, rude and arrogant 🐖. Please, learn your damn laws please!
    If he is not doing anything wrong, or breaking any law, why are you still there?

  10. The distant camera is a very important tool. Unfortunately, most auditors do not plan their projects with this as a requirement. There have been many unlawful assaults and arrests where the camera is the first thing the cops attack. A third party camera has a high probability of proving everything in court.

  11. Why won't these cops go away and find some real crime and leave law abiding citizens alone damn they are so annoying people can't have no freedom to enjoy doing what love because of these damn annoying cops

  12. I absolutely LOVE this format you're using…
    Viewing from far away…recording…
    This is empowering to the domestic terrorists & they're more likely to show their true colors!

  13. so the cops logic is, because he's unaware of the law, he's going to take actions despite that… THATS THE WHOLE PROBLEM… this is why there is a growing divide with police, because they are SO certain nothing will happen to them, they don't feel compelled to slow down and take a moment to learn a law before enforcing a law, instead when you push back on their ignorance that triggers their desire to make you submit to them, rather than them learn and submit to you…

  14. It is time for cops to be held accountable starting with abolishing qualified immunity Once police start paying out of there paycheck for their stupid mistakes then they will respect people's rights and follow the law That they swore to protect.

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