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Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxwr76XajtWE7WZarFawaUA), the first and only female cop watch team

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Author: rafael.nieves


34 thoughts on “I WANT ANSWERS!

  1. to answer that man question who I am I think I would refer to myself as a independent investigative journalist good work girl loved it

  2. A friend in Hawaii told me her area is under Curfew. Everyone must be home and in their house from 5PM – 7AM. The beginning of Martial Law?

  3. Didn't this mayor tell people, if you see someone out to call the police on them. To tell on your fellow citizens, but yet if you witness the cops or anyone else in government doing wrong nothing is ever done about it. Nice work Ms. Shark.

  4. Laura please invest the time to review the following document…. All others are invited to do same …. Simply following link and I will grant access to any who wish….. Document 1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16W0MF4IkAhzYaDA75tqFqyWeHB1O5eyB/view?usp=drivesdk … Document 2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ctm1ZxBEsyHqX31aKdy9Pu6jLz8OhljO/view?usp=drivesdk …. Document 3. … https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D1WsjsOU2312aceouuBtsLeyLQHTpt7K/view?usp=drivesdk …. Please feel free to download and share…

  5. Would you mind reminding me how to get some of the masks you were putting together? I also have a habit of touching my face and really liked your thoughts on that being a reminder to stop 😇 Thanks in advance

  6. Hey, I could answer these questions for you right now or I could give you like 6 extra steps to get the same answers where you have a 90 percent chance of being ignored at each step. I'm not going to give you any information myself but could you please give me all of your information, you know, for routine harassment procedures?

  7. Please go to BitChute . com, click on the Trending page, click on week or Month and watch the David Icke Interview. It has been banned on all controlled social medias. YouTube banned it within minutes of upload. It Is A Must See.
    – YouTUbe is also blocking the link to the video.

  8. The cops in my town arent wearing any gloves or masks. The other day seen a police and sheriff's deputy talking to a homeless man but neither one had gloves face mask or practicing social distancing.

  9. Good work. I admire the way your activism lends itself to journalism. You always had great editing skills but you really are a top notch story-teller. Thank you.

  10. A word of caution – it is not a conspiracy – it is a deadly virus that has already killed – if you are not careful it WILL KILL YOU!

  11. Well as far as I can seen the cops have not been doing the right thing. Even if they wear gloves or mask they are not doing it right. They need training from a doctor. Like a month ago.

  12. Cops are out and about and contact and or spread the virus amongst the community as well as take it home to spread to their families.. Great Job Ossifer Douchebags..

  13. I live in a black community and they aren't listening to the government, because they know the truth. I applaud them whenever I can for not wearing masks. Many Mexicans are that way too. Order followers follow orders.

  14. Do you know anyone who has this? ANYONE?
    I know an awful lot of people, mostly in real life, but online, too; nobody has it. Nobody.
    I went through the hospitals, clinics, and free-standing urgent-care centers. They are EMPTY. They are CLOSED (some are actually closed), while we are in the middle of a, "pandemic", yet NOBODY is filling these medical centers?
    Today, I saw what i think it life-flight.. it was the first time, in three weeks, I saw and/or heard it going out. It has been three hours since it left. It is not back. Wouldn't they want to get their deadly cases back to the e.r. right away?
    This is very wrong.
    If you want to see my video of the medical centers, check it out, on my channel. It's called, pandemic. (has a period after the word.) I am not telling anyone what to think. I just want them to look at this.
    Cheers, Laura.
    They are being as sneaky as usual at your cop=shop, it seems.. mmm
    Btw; when I say nobody seems to be sick, from this, I am not including people with COPD, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Pneumona (which CV seems to not entail..), and many other respiratory illnesses, which have often afflicted the elderly. I don't want to hear people yammer on about the 93 year-old neighbor, "sick from cv", when you know (not you, Laura) he or she has had other ailments, which could easily kill him or her.
    I'm really sick of the whole world being locked-in,businesses closed, over such low numbers. It isn't even half the number of deaths, from the yearly, seasonal, FLU!

    In OZ (Australia), the other day, the announced there had been 23 cases of deaths, "after (said person/s) had tested positive of cv." Twenty-three deaths, and their entire country is locked down. On the same day they announced these (full number of) deaths, 21 people died from suicide, murder, stress-induced heart attack, related to the LOCKDOWN!

    Enough is really too much. (That is how I feel, but, not really what I presented in my video.)

  15. Laura I am a big fan of yours. But the FBI warning doesn’t hold water on youtube. There is no such thing as fair use on youtube. It can get you a copyright strike.

  16. How do we know if this so-called virus isn't something we have been sprayed with by these assholes who have been spraying the sky's? Just a thought.

  17. I asked a nephew who works here in Duluth as an officer the same question you asked ,what’s up with not wearing the gear? He told me is the unofficial word that the higher level gave him is that if they feel it interferes with the “performance of their duties”they did not have to wear The sanitary gear! Have you ever heard that quote before? Just asking 🤔

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