I have no words! Deaf and blind school police chief with this budget!


15 officers!

Sounds like Cush, padded retirement job for FRS

Honor your oath dropped me
Off and filmed static. https://law.justia.com/codes/florida/1998/TitleXVI/chapter242/242_343.html

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42 thoughts on “I have no words! Deaf and blind school police chief with this budget!

  1. Asking that question is like asking for a bullet to the head. It was quick because he just made it up. Wonder how many poor people could of been helped with just half of that money .

  2. It’d be great to see an itemized budget not some random number on a post it. I know this would neeevvveeer happen, but that chief might be lying about that number.

  3. I'm mixed. That is a vulnerable population. If there are a thousand kids, that is 1400/kid. Very high. 15 officers and equipment 90k/cop for equipment and salaries and training. 24/7 coverage. I would be interested in there call out rate for incidents. Interesting video. I liked it.

  4. I can picture the headline
    Blind student fires 700 rounds in mass shooting, no injuries reported and 500 deaf students unaware it happened.

  5. Well, if that is the police budget, that is not bad. They have to have security 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. That is 8,760 hours of coverage (or 1095 shifts to cover and this assumes only one officer on duty at a time ). To provide this kind of coverage, you would probably need minimum of six officers and this assumes only one on duty at any given time. Also, you might have to pay shift differential pay for the two night time shifts and weekend work . In the private sector, we use a number called the fully burdened rate as the cost of an employee. See, your employee needs a boss, a radio and a phone, a health care plan, possibly a pension, social security taxes, unemployment taxes, insurance costs, and a lot of other stuff. This means you are not just paying the salary, you are also paying all of these other costs, which can be as much as 50% more than the salary itself. In the end, things are almost never as cheap as they seem, and providing 24/7/365 security would probably be a reasonable cost at $1.4 million a year.

  6. On a post it note? well, i guess you got your answer, but that wasn't too professional looking. They could've just wrote down any number… Watch, the actual budget is twice that, but they dont want us knowing its being put in their pockets…

  7. If they didn’t have the much of a budget, they couldn’t have been able to get your information request completed so timely. See, you get what you pay for!

  8. That is insane. It has to be that they are policing more than that school, I just cant believe that amount would be needed for that small of a force.

  9. I'd give this audit an A. An interesting fact is that they pay to use the state's SLERS radio system for their school buses AND they aren't encrypted. One of a few places in FL where there is clear traffic on that system.

  10. its not that much when you think the fact the USA police budget is higher than all bar 1 other country's military budget. The USA police budget is pushing close to 120 billion dollars a year now and i find that crazy $120,000,000,000 and to think the country that they fear military budget is only Russia ($48 billion)

  11. Couple of items, a lot of the deaf and blind schools around the country have kids that live there so you have to have coverage 24-7. All the officers may not be full time and the total officers probably includes the non-sword which are glorified crossing guards and security guards. Might only have a few sworn officer which would lower overall costs.

    The question I would have asked is….are all your officers certified in sign language?

  12. The fact that they have 15 officers,Building,cars ins.and special training that's not that bad of a price less 100k an officer 1.4 million for budget

  13. 1,340,441 by fifteen officers is just over 89k per officer. Now there are vehicles, support staff, computers, ammo, body armor, etc. At first blush that number seems low. I'd like to know more about their responsibilities as I don't fully understand a department attached to a school They must operate beyond just the school property? If so it seems it could be efficient. Just the school… not so much.

  14. Here’s one problem James and you should keep them accountable when you ask for the record they must give the record showing that information rather than information from the record. Your turn what they use against you back on them because they were not supposed to and they never provide information from the record plus the record may have other information that is pertinent that you’re not being allowed to see Access inspect and or a copy so I would have said and I would follow up and say please give me the records were this information was derived from the source of this information to provide the record itself rather than information from the record.

    Ask for the budget for the school and then compare.

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