I had to file a police report

Thanks ahead of time if you sat threw the whole video…
This was something i def didnt want to do, but like I said in the video, I wasn’t go to let it be what gets in the way of me getting my money back. It is crazy how fraud can happen, you having no idea, I have never let anyone borrow my card, and I have my card, but someone can go to an ATM and withdraw $1000.00?! I didn’t even think I could take that much out of an ATM….I thought it was like $500- anyway.
Let me know if this video was TMI or if videos of my personal incidents are something you guys like watching too.
OH BEST PART IS THE 2 DEPUTIES (Salceda & pajic) THAT PULLED ME OVER LAST WEEK are the same 2 doing my police report….what a life!
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30 thoughts on “I had to file a police report

  1. I’ve had many cc frauds against me. Every time cc company deducted all fraudulent charges on my card and I didn’t have to pay a penny. Odd ur cc company isn’t self insured to do the same for you.

  2. Well good you got your money back but again wherever the crime is made that’s where you go make your report and example if somebody got beat up in a city you don’t go to another city to file a report you go to that city because they have different protocols so that’s how it works I’ve already been through it and that but they did it for me as a courtesy but they don’t have to I was very polite to them I didn’t walk in there with the camera video in them and I was very professional I recommend you should’ve done the same way

  3. Miss Laura yes You do live in Southbay area and you need to go to the Compton sheriff station that doesn’t mean you go to Torrance Police Department because it did not happen in the area and you said it’s inconvenient but what I don’t understand you drive all over the LA County Video in law-enforcement so what difference does it make if you have to go to Compton you’re following the sheriffs department everywhere from Torrance To Compton it is 12 miles Approximately 25 Minutes so think about it you’re doing a good deed donating your money doesn’t it feel good to help The less fortunate

  4. You’re basically out of luck it’s your own fault driving all around the cities harassing people you weep what you so karma is catching up to you and And you probably won’t get your money back $1100 that’s nothing to you you’re rich ha ha So why are you crying for the police help now when you’re always criticizing them So the best thing I recommend is you get a real job and you donated your money to the needy

  5. . Cops do not work for the citizens they work for satans asshole, "government & big corporations" to create revenue. Big Money in doing so they are allowed to rape take, and murder the public. There's no such thing as a good cop.

  6. Laura, pls learn how to say no ( next time you prefer not to wait ); thx for the video, hagd;

    Mr Merrick Garland,

    [ ping ];

    Lawrence Wilson Foy, dob 2.10.1954 Chateauroux, France [ signature valid in any court ] [ signed LWF ] 635pm in Terlingua, Tx;;

    thx, hagd;

  7. We all know they were just being petty because someone recognized you and felt they had to get even for you watching them! The thing is if they weren’t doing anything wrong it should never bother them if they’re being recorded. Once again clear proof there is no longer anything called Law enforcement it’s all about feelings enforcement! How many videos have we seen where a cop says “no you’re not doing anything wrong but what you were doing isn’t normal” or “you’re not breaking the law but what you doing makes us suspicious”! Is it just me or did those two cops taking the information seem to be a little slow in the mental area? It would’ve been much faster if you had filled out the report, which is what the cops had me do for my kids stolen bike. Anything involving cops becomes much more difficult than it needs to be! Just saying 🤔

  8. I don’t know who you do banking with but when this happened to me I called up my bank told them what happened and that’s all I had to do! They sent me a new card and put a watch for transactions coming up on my old card. Most cards have fraud protection on them now. That cop absolutely lied to you, it’s one thing if you got mugged in Compton or your car stolen in Compton , but just because the ATM was in Compton means absolutely nothing it’s an electronic transaction. Besides that all they had to do is fax or email the report to Compton which they should do automatically not because they’re doing you a favor‼️. Just saying 🤔

  9. Wouldn't put it past policy enforcers to have obtained your identity, conspired with local FBI to gain further information of account number, PIN number, etc., to teach you a lesson for all the valuable public information you disseminate. I know this is possible, we all do. Personal accounts are "frozen, confiscated, or seized" all the time by alphabet agencies for arbitrary and unconstitutional reasons. I know just the obvious could've occurred, too; An actual individual thief. But always keep an open mind when handing out such personal information without warrant.
    And the practice of "taking a report" without paperwork is a BIG red flag. Always adamantly insist to write your complaint down yourself. Especially, get a copy of what they "report"(recording was valuable). Too many red flags were flashed all through your nightmare. Act upon any bad feeling, gut feeling. It is the only way to survive.

  10. It happens to the best of us…. Happened to me, but I didn’t have to get a police report…
    That deputy didn’t want to help…

    Sure it happened the other day…

    You to follow up on that shit.

  11. So according to that officer, if the theft happened in Texas, you'd have to drive to Texas to make that report? Makes absolutely no sense. A lot of these officers and court clerks are just lazy, they want to pass the buck if it's too complicated. "You mean I have to do work?" "Ma'am that's not something I'm used to"

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