16 thoughts on “HUGE LAWSUIT! Arrested for visually impaired walking cane!

  1. Wow, what a bunch of shitbags. I hope this man succeeds in teaching these cops a lesson but I must admit, I don't have any faith that anything will happen to them. Lawsuits are expensive and take years, people usually agree to settle with the city long before it ever gets to a courtroom. Without people actually following through with lawsuits nothing will change. So they make sure it costs people way to much time and money to even get to the courtroom. I'll wish this gentleman good luck if he's really going to take this all the way.

  2. She is an absolute danger to her department, community, and country. He is lucky she didn’t mag dump him when he reached for his cane. Jesus H. Christ.

  3. The fact they were so comfortable arresting him for resisting when in fact he did not resist shows that this is very common in that department. Plus she called him a dick and said she's a tyrant. Very rude and unprofessional.

  4. "Just because I'm illegally stopping you for a non-crime using a suspicion you've already allayed is no reason to be rude! I guess I better arrest you for annoying poor little innocent me"

    -cops, who I bet genuinely don't see the issue with that

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