“ HOW CAN WE HELP YOU ?“- Police Cherry Hills Colorado – First Amendment Audit 65 – Amagansett Press

“ HOW CAN WE HELP YOU ? “- Police Cherry Hills Colorado – First Amendment Audit 65 – Amagansett Press

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43 thoughts on ““ HOW CAN WE HELP YOU ?“- Police Cherry Hills Colorado – First Amendment Audit 65 – Amagansett Press

  1. He seemed like he was avoiding the badge # question. Claims hes not in his official capacity? A cop is always in his official capacity

  2. Meh. That guy at the front counter was not very cordial. It's not a law to be polite to the public I understand that but sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade. The guy was clearly unhappy that you were there and was pretty curt in some of his responses. That's not an A+ for me when some people are so friendly and welcoming by comparison.

  3. At this point when I see videos where agencies pass audits with flying colors like this, I automatically assume it’s because they’ve been audited, failed, and have subsequently been properly trained. Moral to the story…these audits work and are making a difference. The sooner the better that every police officer or public worker assumes that someone filming is an auditor because they will be far more likely to assume that person knows their rights and won’t even attempt to tread on them.

  4. It seems that it all goes wrong when the facility you visit has customers or patrons that are feeling uneasy about being recorded themselves, not so much the facility. It seems like it's a guy who's trying to show that he's boss and protect his customers that ends up infringing on your rights or just giving you general setbacks to help facilitate those people and stop you in the meanwhile.

  5. I live in this county so this is awesome. Glad that they reacted this way and the the "auditor" conducted themselves as such. I do perceive a certain amount of instigation / reaction from a lot of the people who post videos but not here. Maybe it's because there was zero conflict…

  6. Thanks for informing Mr of what my rights don't include so I don't make an assumption and get in trouble. Wish more channels explaining things in laymen's terms.

  7. Wish there were more audits from you. There are many people who publish consistently First Amendment Audits, but you Sir are my favorite. Your level of education, command of the English language and eloquence and no nonsense is unparalleled.

  8. Awesome audit sir. Our employees kept busy doing the job they were hired to do, and didn't freak out over your camera, like most do. Could it be that they already know they are being watched by their masters, everywhere they go while at work? Maybe, but they still remained calm, and kept busy. What a refreashing uneventful audit.

  9. I have watched a lot of auditors/cop watchers and you are the best there is. You mentioned that some auditors just try to cause confrontation and that is exactly what they do. Quite a few don't even explain why they are filming and let's be fair this is going to cause a problem. I refer to the silent audit how does this teach the public about their right to film in public. How about the so called auditors who immediately on contact with the cops start with foul language and personal insults, and then hide behind freedom of speech. I realise watching these videos that the police appear to be riddled with corruption but I would be a bit anti auditor if I was sworn at and insulted by some of the auditors. This type of auditor is just out to cause a confrontation and show how much they know of a particular law and show off. They do the cause no good and make genuine auditors like yourself and others look bad. . Keep going, you are the best. Mike UK

  10. You sir are a professional. Night and day compared to Patrick Roth.

    Not that I want to advertise for this guy (He beats on women) but I want people to see the difference between your professional, real audit and his very poor excuse for whatever he does.


  11. That woman beater Patrick Roth did a visit there a while ago. Him and his heroin addict wife beating buddy Nomad. A news channel was there doing an interview of a cop that was shot while performing his duties. They were in the community room and Patty just walked right in during the interview and started asking questions. He only does that kind of stuff when it is a woman. He’s a coward when there’s a man standing up to him…. typical girlfriend beater.

  12. Brilliant audit weren’t those employees wonderful their attitude an manners excellent as you would wish them to be !!!!! Excellent example to all public employees !!!!!

  13. Everything I've seen you audit in Colorado so far, is 15 to 20 minutes away from where I live or work. I feel like you're in my own backyard. Even when you run into a bad situation you do more to deescalate the situation than most of the law enforcement officials you interact with. Law enforcement in other Auditors could learn something from the way you interact with people. RESPECTFUL interaction with people is the key. This is something you always seem to get right.

  14. I was turned onto you by HighImpact and not regretting it. I appreciate how you carry yourself compared to some that instigate just so they can get views. Also, for this vid, this was the first time I saw employees look more confused that you would think they would care about you exercising your rights lol. Might have to move there, goodbye communist Jersey lol

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