Help me write you a ticket. NO THANKS! Parking Pirate DENIED Owned

I think that it is ridiculous and unconstitutional that as taxpayers we have to pay to park at a publicly funded boat ramp parking lot especially when it is primitive and not paved.

In addition we have to tell master every year.

Their requirenet subsequent to the ordinance are not law and offer NO DESCRIPTION of the exempted vehicle and furthermore the vehicle and resident are exempt. Not a tag.

Well the city exempts residence from 17 counties from having to pay at the boat ramp

That’s 18 percent of the counties in Florida that are exempt.

Nassau County
Duval County
St. Johns County
Flagler County
Volusia County
Brevard County
Indian River County
St. Lucie County
Martin County
Palm Beach County
Broward County
Miami-Dade County

While the city offers absolutely no improvements to the boat ramps for all of the funds in money that they’ve collected.

Recently a man slipped and fell at the boat ramp due to the traction pad being worn down where it was nonexistent. Their improvements are foe their pockets

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47 thoughts on “Help me write you a ticket. NO THANKS! Parking Pirate DENIED Owned

  1. You really should have just driven away, stopped to close your trunk, and went on with life. Call her supervisor, get a complaint in, but you just nagged her for what? 10 minutes? Not cool. First half was great but the rest.. you did it for the video. 👎👎

  2. It is unethical to force person to buy a permission slip/ license to go recreational fishing, we all have an inherent inalienable right to fish. No state may convert a right/ Liberty into a privilege and charge a fee license it.

  3. This is what happens when you give idiots perceived authority over others !!! This is a scam and these officials are just extorting hard earned cash from the public !!! These two officials are disgusting pieces of human waste !!!

  4. @ 00:58 "I don't want to go by ALL that stuff (The Law) I just want to go by what I was trained to do"
    Words of a Typical Order Follower.
    I was brought up by my Parents to Do My Job and Do it Well. In this case that would include me learning the Laws if I were in charge of Enforcing the Laws!!!

  5. yeah that parking crap is one of the biggest scams out there, the big east coast cities are completely bat shit crazy, towing legally parked vehicles for some odd reason, then leaving it in not legal spot. gets towed, owner never notified. just some crazy ass shit.

  6. There is nothing wrong with making your interaction with the government as expensive and difficult as possible for the government.

  7. Call me a dreamer. But I long for the day when every law enforcement type person wears a neat hat like hers.

  8. DAVE is real slow? That police computer system is not the only thing slow, somebody’s brain kinda slow as in retarded to almost running backwards but at least she knew not to lower the truck to see the tag number or it would have been illegal search an 4th amendment violation. The LEO and the other parking enforcement did a great job which made her look even worse.

  9. All that money in meter maid salaries and their vehicles, ….but they cant bother to train them properly, ….JUST LIKE THE COPS!

  10. People get drunk on power and think they can control every facet of your life and hit you with fines and fees they love spreading the hate that’s the only love they show to good souls seems that’s the thing nowadays up making evil stronger and putting pressure on good souls to try and give rise to more hate when you get mad so they can make the move show them love and they freeze not knowing how to handle it so my suggestion show them love and they will run away like their ass is on fire hopefully they will feel the heat fore coming and look to the light

  11. "Give me money because my system doesn't work or I will call men with guns." Can I do that to them if I put a stupid hat on?

  12. I wish you can keep quiet some times. Sometimes you need to just shut up and record. You deprived us the pleasure hearing the cop squash her stupidity. 10:53 proves this point

  13. When are these pirates going to start traveling with their parrots on their shoulder? That’s what’s missing

  14. The university in my town refuses to build an adequate amount of student parking. In collusion, the city hires meter maids to patrol the areas surrounding the university and places time limits on parking.

  15. So important what you just showed in a common day event for a law abiding citizens trying to enjoy our peaceful lives then are bum rushed by public servants JUST DOING THEIR JOBS! Wow just Wow. Thank you James and all of the ANNetwork. True front line patriots

  16. "I just go by what I was trained to do." So did the guards and executioners at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau and every other Nazi concentration camp. How'd that work out for them? The one glaring difference is that Nazi soldiers didn't have qualified immunity while ALL government employees in this country, not just cops, have qualified immunity and can get away with things the Nazis could not and did not. Granted, the parking patrol is not beating drivers and gassing them, but the fact that they are covered by qualified immunity makes them smug and condescending.

  17. What a horrible, nasty lady. She smiles whilst trying to extort money and then accuses you of harassment. A horrible job for lonely pathetic people. Why anyone wants to do these types of jobs is beyond me. And then calls other "men" with guns for a non-crime. What a proud American she really is.

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