46 thoughts on “HEEEEEEERE’S JOHNNY!!! :) :) :) (AGAIN)

  1. My heartfelt condolences to you Johnny, as I just heard the news of Mrs. 5.0's passing. May she RIP. So sad. I was wondering what had happened to you and now understand why. Prayers going your way. Godspeed amigo!

  2. I am sorry for your loss.

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there. I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glint on snow.
    I am the sun on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain………….

  3. Hey Johnny, I just wanted to give you my condolences to you, I heard today that the Mrs 5-0 has passed, I feel for you man,may she rest in peace , she is flying high above now,may the good Lord bless you and your family, she will always be missed

  4. Awwww such a good man taking care of the MRS
    Good man !!!!
    This man here is amazing i could be having the worst day ever and I come on , and Iโ€™ll watch one of his videos and I kid you not he cracks me up usually Withinn seconds
    Hope the Mrs feels better
    ( prayers)
    Happy 1 year!!!!!!

  5. Hi johnny letting you know I will be making my first debut livestream audit tonight at 10pm. Guessing its better to be live on my first video for safety or if anyone watching can give me some advice… Excited and Nervous at the same lol. Gonna start in Cape Coral Florida, post office area,driver license office parking lot,fire department area… Everything will be closed but area has a high patrol because of the police department being in that area to. Probably depends on how video is going will pay the Cape Coral PD a visit. Sick of people being scared of the police. They will honor my first amendment tonight. Thanks for your videos, encouraged me to Google how and kick some butt too. Your channel is awesome.

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