20 thoughts on “He had a bad day

  1. That's right, guys; just keep abusing the citizenry and nothing bad will ever happen to you. None of the people whose lives you ruin will ever remember who you are. It's not like you live in the same world as these people anyway.

  2. They felt as though it was a freebie because they’re Mexicans.. I wouldn’t piss on those cowards if they were on fire, I would just think they made it home where they belong. Even pouring gasoline on them would seem too humane… pork is best cooked long and slow anyways.

  3. I love women and support them but they have no place being cops. They always escalate to the point a male counterpart has to clean up their mess ( not saying that’s what happened here cause the male cop was an asshole looking to do this already) I like how she tell the emt “we then took him down” you didn’t take shit down lady. They are a danger to themselves and everyone around them

  4. Another day, another report of police brutality and abuse. I guess its become the norm. I also guess we should be grateful while we can that we are averaging only one new one each day and not 2, 4, and worse 5-6 a day. At least they are not being reported, yet.

  5. More cops that made a non victim crime into something it didn't need to be. Just more evidence cops are better serving the community as fertilizer in public parks

  6. Not all cops are bad, but most are. I've met 2 officers that were real police officers and not thugs disguised as badge's. These tyrant's deserve to be executed to set an example for other criminals disguised as police.

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