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If you have information about the where abouts of Christopher Medina please reach out to Lt. Ballard at the Torrance County Sheriff’s Office 505-705-4033.
If you believe like me that this should be investigated by the FBI please reach out to the Albuquerque FBI and ask them to take over the case.

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49 thoughts on “He Exposed Corrupt Cops, Now His Son Is Missing And He Needs Our Help”
  1. Open threats in front of Police Officers and they still do nothing, disgusting.
    We all know how they would be reacting if it was one of their family members missing.

  2. How in this day and age this can happen with corrupt police officers and their entire team, how was he allowed to get away with it for so long and why isn’t he in prison for his past crimes, and how do pigs like that woman support a piece of crap like that, Jesus Christ this planet is totally screwed up

  3. When I was a kid I thought movies like Road House & TV shows like Dukes of Hazzard were fiction. Now I think they were closer to being documentaries.

  4. Little old ladies, who slap people didn't make a strong, young man disappear. Addiction problems?? That's different, and Very tragic, that means they eventually will find him, in a homeless encampment, hopefully they find him alive, but almost a year later, it's not likely.

  5. Its huge alot judge's and its huge little a little country of poeple who are sherriffs system employees lawyers d.a the poeple that do dead Bodies involved covering murders sheriffs committed they help them and cover it up

  6. My name is Anna Matthews 2530 desrt street apartment one Rosamond California now Emily Allison Richardson lives in my complex building amazing and so do lee baca family upstairs sheriff Lancaster and also in another apartment is more Lancaster sheriff's department its small complex trust no one here are around me

  7. And the Richardson claiming there my guardians and care takers that's a lie I am 60 almost and ask my church no caretakers or boyfriends I don't have company I got 7 videos of hours gang members sheriff's Anna kindrick and Steve Baker Rex Perris

  8. What a really suspicious coincidence if you can honestly bring yourself to come to that conclusion… I can’t, it looks and smells very fishy to me… considering all of the very dangerous criminals who unfortunately are employed public servants some holding very powerful influential job titles all working in collusion… his dad help expose their corruption malfeasance and criminal past which lead some to resign from their jobs… the sad thing is some of the residents of this community are also in collusion with the corruption… through family ties or just simple friends blinding their objectivity or just simply through ignorance lack of any real intelligence… it is strange that the one individual who kept on these criminals arse through city hall public meetings… publicly shaming these individuals demanding accountability seeking his redress for the grievances.. he had uncovered serious corruption/criminality through his own investigation yet it didn’t lead to any one individual being fired or up on any criminal charges for the crimes… only change was a mass wholesale change in city executives the previous corrupt crew had the privilege to resign with full benefits and entitlements … now the hero of this community is tortured with an issue of having a much loved son mysteriously missing for months now without a trace… no real genuine effort from the state or federal law enforcement agency to solve the case… putting out a narrative that because his son is a substance dependent individual now for years he just doesn’t want to be found or having mental or addiction issues… it is all very convenient for these criminals, it’s like the perfect cover to hide their act of weak spineless cowardly revenge… it is not beneath them to stoop to such levels of evilness…

  9. Help me I got videos of corrupt sheriffs lee baca Mr Richardson Mayor and Mr Richardson family wife daughter Kristal Allison Richardson using my identity and her daughter Emily Allison Richardson Lancaster county California sheriff department and los Angeles Ian always attacked no investigation no help robbed daily 😢a

  10. God, I pray his sons found safe, my heart goes out to him. It's the worst thing for a parent to endure!!!. I pray my life ends b4 any of my kids or grandkids!!

  11. This is awful. It’s sad that when someone fights for what’s just and right. When they stand up and expose corrupt in public officials they have to worry about retaliation that could cost someone their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

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