Greenville County Sheriff Shoots Another Home Owner

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Author: rafael.nieves


48 thoughts on “Greenville County Sheriff Shoots Another Home Owner

  1. Funny how Youtube never asks me if I want to say Fuck the Police, but if i use bad language in any other way they never fail to ask me before I post.

  2. He definitely didn't identify himself by what the home owners saying duh!! They edit edited the f*** out of that video. And cops wonder why we don't trust them. Yet, all they ever say, just be honest with me. Tell me the truth?? WTF???

  3. Other video footage of that incident has come out.. and WOW, you just can't shoot through the window of someones house regardless of gun in hand or not. What about possible children. What's amazing also is how a fellow cop who wasn't even there and probably saw the video lied for his comrade.

  4. in america nowadays, you have to cover every window with a curtain or you'll get shot by the cops. theres been several people shot thru their own window in 2019 alone. it's sickening.

  5. A bootlicker gets shot in his own home. Why didn't the cop call the house to announce his presence? Cops should carry water pistols for two years before a real gun.

  6. We pay big money for police their lawyers
    Why do we who pay get video and audio that has been edited to cast the police in the best light possible
    How bout the truth
    We paid for it

  7. My neighbors all work for the government, I never saw so many people willing to talk behind your back but never offer to your face a solution or help in solving a common problem. I was trespass'd from a neighbor's yard when trying to get my cat from their yard.
    I smile and wave all the time, but never turn my back to them. Got knives jammed in my back too many times by these townspeople. Reality of " the nature of the beast" we all must contend with.

  8. Well, unlike skeptics, I have full confidence that the police department will do a full internal investigation, to get the truth on what happened to this poor man. Police judge themselves more aggressively than other would and fiercely defend the integrity of their badge and profession. Once they see the evidence, they will hold this officer completely accountable for his bad judgement and horrible actions and bring the appropriate legal action against the officer. They will make every attempt to help this victim and his family, and assure the public’s future safety, by making sure this rogue cop is never in power again. They will aggressively address this with the entire staff of officers, with immediate corrective action, to prevent this from EVER happening again. And, they will be honest and open with the public and media, when admitting their mistakes. This is what honest, professional law enforcement agencies do, in these regrettable situations and it’s commendable. ⚖️⚖️
    Or… they could immediately find “No wrongdoing”, hide, alter, or destroy incriminating evidence, then LIE and cover the whole thing up.. 🤔🤔… But THAT couldn’t happen though……could it ??

  9. Police obviously tampering with evidence like it's no big deal. They try to get all the military gear but somehow skimp on the cameras. It's 2019 would u buy a black and white tv? Don't go pros shoot in 1080p now? My camera phone shoots 4k. So sad that anyone would defend these thugs

  10. Completely agree James. I have never and will never call the cops. And I have taught my children to fear them as well. Nothing good EVER comes from an encounter with the cops.
    Don't worry about you bleeding. Officer safety. Wheres the gun?

  11. Who opens a fucking front door at night without 1. Looking outside to see who it is? 2. In a loud and clear voice say "WHO ARE YOU? BEFORE opening a fucking door?

  12. imagine if this was the other way around. The home owner shoots him then backup arrives and kills him for defending his home from a terrorist

  13. How many times are officers going to blatantly lie? you would think they would stop making statements because they know it's all being filmed. But no they lie to cover the officers ass for shooting somebody in their own home and then everybody sees the video and scratches her head like why aren't the cops in prison.

  14. Liar liar pants on fire !!!
    Why do they always get some idiot to make a statement which is so different from the body cam…..
    Did the idiot not think to watch the body cam before he makes a fool of himself and copsplaining on TV to the world…
    Don't they understand……The world is watching you 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 you stupid man….
    The gun was never out of the door…just because you say it doesn't make it real…..
    Stupid stupid blue lying fool….

  15. Woww so sad to hear he got shot buy a pig r u kidding me wat a fuckin stupid ass smfh poor old man hope he's k 🙏🏻 James Freeman thanks for showing this

  16. see this is why the 4th amendment say WARRANT!!!
    the homeowner had every right, ACTUAL RIGHT, to have a gun.
    the cop had no right whatsoever.

  17. Did this really happen?
    Being from the uk I haven’t heard of this case
    James says he doesn’t call the police if in distress…… and doesn’t recommend anyone else to…….WOW
    I know nothing about the USA, but i thought that if you were threatened, while in/on your property you guys were allowed to defend yourself.
    In the uk you would be crucified for defending yourself with a weapon (illegal or not) most people here, i think, believe it to be different in your country.
    What really did happen here?

  18. What's with all this sneaking around in the dark stuff going on? Flashing lights from a police car on the street in front of the house to warn the innocent to take cover would have prevented all of this mess.

  19. Do not under any circumstances call the cops, unless you want guys to come around and just shoot things. That's about the only thing they can do consistently.

  20. I still want to know why a cop was dispatched for a MEDICAL emergency. Please explain what the fuck a cop is going to do in this situation? They can't even do their own job.
    This shit is like calling a plumber to extract a tooth.

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