21 thoughts on “Government gonna ban wires.

  1. Won't matter, everything is available from nature…. With a little ingenuity, a person could make a gun with a single shot out of matches, paper towel rolles some tape and whatever projectile you choose…..😋 just saying….

  2. awesome.. Ok I get the prank..and what you're speaking of.. Louis Rossman would find this funny.. I usually use a Car Battery charger to break up those 'crystals' or whatever prevents it from charging.. (I've heard different theories) .. This will do just fine..thanks .. was right there the whole time… but there are some caveats to what kind of batteries you can bring into 'charge' with DC current.. do your research people.

  3. This does not happen. You jump 100 batteries pos to pos and neg to neg and absolutely nothing will happen. It does not increase the voltage at all, but it does increase the amps you can draw and for how long. All over the road big truck batteries are wired up this way. If you wanted to add a battery to your car you would wire it up this way. Electric car batteries are all a bunch of smaller batteries wired up this way

  4. That 100% works, you don't hold them for longer than a second or two.. then check to see if it charges, and if it doesn't, repeat the process..

    I just brought back two 18650s that wouldn't charge.. One was at 1.3v the other was at 0.3v..
    Brought them both back 💯
    It took 2 days of multiple "full charges" for it to stay charged for the 1.3v battery, and 3 days of multiple attempts for the 0.3v battery.
    The battery charger won't charge it if it's below a certain voltage, you have to get the battery to the minimum voltage. DO NOT hold the connection for longer than a second or so.

  5. That's called a direct short…may work but as you can see LI batteries are nothing to screw around with. Kinda like screwing around with people that know thier rights..sooner or later, bad things gonna happen.

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