1. Good day sir! I've got some questions regarding recording federal employees in the courses of their duty. Do you have time to help clarify some information I've received and find to be inaccurate?

  2. Johnny I have a possibly good lead for you. I used to work for a company called Grifols. They're in Alhambra on Valley Blvd. We used to see Cal State LA Police pull cars over in front of the building far away from the campus. They pretty much have fun as far out from the campus as they can as peace officers. Their white cars say police but they are campus police. They search peoples' cars who don't know their rights and have them sit on the sidewalk. They even shot at a coyote not too long ago on their campus. I think they're out of control. I recently started watching So Cal auditors and I'm going to tell them about Cal State LA Police. If you guys go I really hope they don't get physical with you guys.

  3. Jesus, that's 10 PM here! How will I get my marching orders from Comrade Pee-Pee Boy if I can't watch my local Fox News? 🙂
    B smart & B safe out there!

  4. One thing to talk about is how goods blw tv's right hook is on a fat bully's chin, Ohio guardian 2.0 caught it all on his livestream

  5. That will be 3am here ill be well asleep shame i always miss your live chats hope your both well stay safe my friends😀❤

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