Go 10-8 and get back to work – Instigator Nelson vs Instigator Madison police caught

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intro 00:00
Report Taken 00:30
Undercover boss 01:11
Detected 03:30
Return to ask what he said 04:20
bidding farewells 09:00

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Author: rafael.nieves


47 thoughts on “Go 10-8 and get back to work – Instigator Nelson vs Instigator Madison police caught

  1. James…drop your grudge and move on with your life. You come off as a wannabe-has been. I feel bad for you, you’re smart and could do something better.

  2. All on break at the same time and just happen to be hanging around the park… don’t know about anyone else, but why do I get the feeling that if these were ordinary citizens hanging around late at night in a park, with card all parked that close together, they’d see that and say it was “awfully suspicious”…and then go and make a big song and dance about it?

  3. First of all the things that people leave out and all these videos is that whoever hires these individuals knows who they're hiring I'm not talking about this group of cops I'm talking about cops in general They're control freaks and power trippers No person with that amount of power to put you in jail and destroy your family ruin your life completely should be a control freak power tripper because that's going to lead to them getting personal with people and then enforcement of laws arbitrarily because they'll also power trip and give breaks to people who they want to give breaks to who shouldn't be given breaks. I'm not saying people shouldn't be giving breaks They should sometimes. But it shouldn't be because it's the cop's friend or because it's the type of individual who the cop relates to and that's exactly what it is today or it might be an attractive lady who the cop wants to be nice to. Cops are shallow and power hungry control freaks and the people hire them and still that in them if it's not already so you got to go after the people above the police because they are setting the policies and training them or lack of training them on purpose. Because you don't need much training to go out there and do whatever you want and ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights like it's a piece of trash like George W Bush said just a piece of paper.

  4. Let them talk about fishing and stuff Even though I can't stand hunters unless they live in the woods and do it to eat. Although I live in the woods and I just come out and steal from the supermarket I mean I think it's more moral than hunting. Even though I do know supermarkets make a small margin on their products most of them, well they do rip people off for some stuff too like their own bakery products so then there's people like me on the other side. But this is why we say defund the police because there's too many of them to begin with and they're on a drug detail which shouldn't even be enforced like that. That makes the price higher on the street so makes the violence more intense because there's more at stake. and then add in snitching and all that and people are getting years just for a little bit of drugs Of course there's going to be violence The yew system is creating the violence.

  5. I love the scooter! I know it probably pisses the cops off more!! They see a nerdy snitch on a scooter and I see someone trying to keep LEO's accountable!!

  6. Hello James, how are you; just wanted to say your content is amazing and I enjoy the way you announce your work.

    Thank you very Much for being professional, looking forward of viewing more of your material thank you have a great day be safe 🙂

  7. So many cops in this day and age do not like to get caught doing nothing productive. In this instance the cops are discussing fishing. That’s something they should all be experts at doing. They’re out fishing every day in the course of their duties. And as almost all fishermen they’re liars as well. Cops have mastered lying as per training at the academy.
    That real dumb cop that was yapping about a helmet was trying to impress his buddies with his knowledge.
    Too bad he doesn’t know the law and how to do his job.
    When cops harp about safety they are wasting their breath and showing total ignorance. The Supreme Court has ruled the police are NOT responsible for citizen’s safety. We’re on our own with that.
    Another stupid cop remark about touching “their cars” made me laugh. They’re the tough guys with the guns and tasers. Asking you to back up is one of their “go to” lines. They’re taught to bark commands to show their perceived authority. All that does is widen that gap between police and citizens. The blue line narrative has taught the police to think that it’s “us against them” which is why the public has so much disdain for police nowadays. They’ve managed to show citizens that it’s all about them and don’t expect any civility during contact. In this day and age the police are masters of lying, bullying, intimidation, false arrest, violating citizens rights and getting your name into their data base. Solving crimes is no longer a priority. Harassment is!

  8. Wtf are they doing? Looking at porn or what on our tax dollars. You caught them screwing off and they start trying to give directives. Looks like more than one smart ass in the bunch. Actually a gagle of dumb asses if you ask me. 🙄

  9. If a few people
    " citizens" was to congregate for a bit if conversation. They would have their nose up their asses asking why and who and what for. Line it matters to them. But they can be on private property doing anything they want in their minds. And if business owner has issue then they turn super prick in them. No respect of anything or anyone themselves. But expect it.

  10. Cop: 'Anything, I can help you with?'
    Citizen: 'Yes, you can get back to work! '
    Keep up holding them all accountable, stay safe and healthy

  11. 2021….where the ones hired to protect are dirty than ever & paid more than ever but we like it that way because we let it happen. hopefully eyes get opened to what they have been getting away with & its time for change imo.

  12. So because they are taking a break they aren't getting paid or something? What they do on paid time is most certainly our business.

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