38 thoughts on “GET OUT OF OUR TOWN COMPLETELY – Turtle Lake Wisconsin, The Real Life Rambo First Blood

  1. So on camera he asks nicely to leave immediately. No camera you'd get you ass whooped and crawl out of town with a busted face. He's that guy. Needs to be relieved of duty permanently.

  2. That's why you never saw First Blood replaying on TV during childhood. It hurts pig feelings. They can only watch Rambo First Blood Part II and on.

  3. Wow. I seen this yesterday an I'm astounded that thus cheif litterally threaten to arrest someone for being in our town?? If this cheif is bot fired then real justice isnt being served. Like this is the absolute worst abuse of power an athority I have ever seen.

  4. Wow better than the rest of the world. Wouldn't spend a dime in your town and hope you don't get anything from the government you sure as hell are too good for that

  5. What a fun Anti American anti freedom tyrants. Pig 🐖 🐷 🐽 hes just looking to keep you safe bro ! They just want u to be SAFE = THE WE is the mouse in his pocket ..!

  6. That is purely tyrannical. The police will just decide to "trespass" a citizen from a whole city? I guess those alleged loiterers pose such a threat to public safety that their rights can be violated.

  7. The scumbag tyrants voice mailbox is full.
    We must all continue to call
    This Chief pig needs a job in North Korea, he’s great at violating human rights, he’ll fit right in

  8. hope this man can find a very good lawyer and makes this police chief pay out tax money collected from his petty, pathetic citizens who don't want outside citizens in their piddly a*s town!

  9. I’m glad…I wish our chief would kick Holmes loitering drug affects out of our town…this drifter dude is probably on some government pension or disability but decides to try to make small towns look like shit. I mean homeless immigrants are being dropped into all small towns.

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