21 thoughts on “Get back on the sidewalk! No, yes, no yes no! Cop-splaining 101. First amendment audit

  1. She never cusses. GTFOH. OMG how dare you use words that offend me. She getting the vapors? 🙄 Meanwhile, how many people has she violated the civil rights of since she's been a cop? I'm so tired of hearing the "be civil" f*cking bullsh!t from people that routinely hurt the people of the country by their actions. 🤬

  2. Since the writing of the first amendment to the constitution, the state, churches and individuals have denied their common superior: The triune Creator-God. Therefore, our churches are effete and feeble, our state assumes the role of a god, and as individuals- we cannot abide any superior authority above us.

  3. Two issues. She is a woman and a cop. Double trouble.
    Don’t educate me. That’s typical. No profession swears more than cops. So go fuck yourself.

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