Fourth Amendment Coward! Sheriff does nothing as IRS, ATF raid firearm business
Phone: 406-454-6979 Non-emergency Sheriff’s Dispatch
Additional Phone: 406-750-2389 Sheriff’s Cell

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Author: phillyfinest369


28 thoughts on “Fourth Amendment Coward! Sheriff does nothing as IRS, ATF raid firearm business

  1. If gun owners didn't exhibit main-character syndrome for all the world to see, they probably wouldn't encounter nearly the trouble with the law as they currently do. You weirdos need to learn manners. You own a deadly weapon you self-pitying hicks.

  2. He said that he would do everything legally and ethically. NOT Constitutionally.
    We people need to elect a new sheriff.

  3. 😂 you funny. But I think he’s just complacent. Because I’ve seen lots of sheriff officers step up when pandemics and rioting were happening. Ours were encouraging us and promised to only uphold the constitution, not rogue tyrant orders.

  4. 7:56 apparently you weren’t part of anything to begin with, so how the fook is that a threatening remark? The sheriff was treated like a mushroom, and say’s WE Will KEEP BEING treated like a mushroom.. take that… what a fool! He will retire on a 6 figure income, fook the citizens and the amendments!

  5. Interesting problems that amendment that makes you have mass shootings every single day is creating. Can’t think of another country with anything similar. Must be great to have a surplus of thoughts and prayers to sooth all the pain those guns create. Please don’t pretend to care when it happens to a person near you, as you are all in on it. 😘

  6. Looks like my first comment was immediately disappeared, I guess goose stepping cluster of cells are not allowed to be pointed out as anti-freedom in the land of the…free?

  7. This is what you get for being a " law abiding citizen" maybe this is why the 2A doesnt include registering your arms? ….hmnnn. Keep obeying the law tho.

  8. Elected law enforcement.?
    Being a European, I don't understand neither appreciate that system, because there is absolutely no guarantee that law will be applied and enforced.

    What kind of diploma/certificate/training is required to apply for the function as Sheriff.?
    Doe anyone get to apply.?
    Is there a minimum of law knowledge required.?

    Or does anyone that's popular in the local community can get the job if he/she is elected.?

  9. Sounds like maybe that gun shop has been providing firearms to the local deputised gang. The only reason to exclude the municipality law enforcement is when they too are targets of the investigation. Seems highly probable in the part of Montana that elected this this twat waffle Sheriff.

  10. Impeachment kick his little scrawny butt out of the office this town needs another Sheriff😂😂😂 who I care about your rights he wouldn't have let them do what they did😂😂😂😂😂

  11. He can't even clean the toilets right😂 and he should have put the microphone right underneath his chin😂 nothing he's going to say is going to make it better for the people whose privacy is been shattered all by the government remember he's part of the Rogue government

    And he cannot even talk😂😂 loud enough because then he can say I didn't say that😂😂

  12. Fire this pig, he looks like s liar, he looks like a person that will practice this speech in the mirror then come out and act genuine when giving it, when u act it's fake, no more trash employees, we need to take away the tax money and see if they keep the same energy

  13. This Sheriff is going to get murder before to long people getting sick theses criminal behind badge

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