26 thoughts on “Found more GOOD Cops! Thank you for your service! Wheelchair bound man yanked.

  1. Just a couple of weeks ago we saw a cop shoot a disabled guy in a wheel chair 9 times with no charges on the cop. Why would anyone be shocked at an assault and battery. Obviously his fellow gang members thought their fellow cop was in more danger than the disabled guy.

  2. Justice will be served one day. Such Evil and Wicked men will take their last breath soon, and then their eyes will immediately open, and they'll be in eternal torment where they'll get no rest, day or night, or night and day for ever an ever. Where there will be great wailing and gnashing of the teeth, and the smoke of their torment will ascend up into heaven, for ever and ever.

  3. Just waiting for the video or news article saying a cop like this got shot in the head as he was violating someone's rights for no reason. I can see it happening sooner or later. With how cops are acting it will happen eventually. I'm actually surprised it already hasn't happened.

  4. I’m pretty sure that there are FEDERAL LAWS protecting the handicapped!
    Hopefully he will be getting a nice new place to live soon.

  5. A great reason for citizens to use violence against these pigs in an attempt to aid the disabled citizen in the wheelchair. The PPD is fueling the hatred against their citizens.

  6. A disabled protester arrested by Portland police while in his wheelchair has accused officers of “trying to break” his arms.

    Dustin Brandon, 35, who is also a comedian and cannabis-rights campaigner, said he was arrested for the first time this week despite having attended almost each of the near 100 nights of protests triggered by the killing by Minneapolis police of George Floyd.


    Disabled protester in wheelchair accuses Portland police of trying to ‘break his arms’ while arresting him

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