36 thoughts on “First Amendment Walmart??? News New Preston Nashville does.

  1. Stupid. Walmart is a private organization. First Amendment doesn't apply to private properties. Another jerk of a Youtube antagonizer/frauditor just asking to get arrested. This guy apparently thinks he can trespass at the Walmart. Apparently the Walmart security let it slide. Too bad.

  2. A private business can say are not allowed to carry a weapon inside. Nothing you can do about it, The can kick you out and ban you from all walmarts and sams club

  3. Save this for your deep tracks album. Nice you mixing it up with the local boys. Open carry should be the norm across this land…just sayn'

  4. I saw a vid involving Costco the other day and it was pointed out they get federal funds. In other words, have to respect our constitutional rights. Businesses' that take funds from the gubment don't have the protection of being a private company any longer.

  5. Not seeing the connection between First Amendment auditing and the fact that Walmart accepts federal money or is a publicly-traded company. I looked at News Now Preston Nashville's video and still don't see the connection.

  6. Why would DHS and the "federal government" pay Walmart $4,280,400,000? For what? Someone's been talking to Sidney Powell too much…

  7. walmart's policy is no open carry in stores, no more selling common assault style rifle ammo such as .223/5.56 or 7.62 and they stopped selling pistols in alaska. last state walmart sold them in. regular associates aren't allowed to tell them not to. only asset protection or salaried management can say anything to them. i work there and feel safer when i see customers open carrying. if there's an active shooter situation, they are the only ones that can do anything about it. open carry wherever you go.

  8. Walmart gets money from tax payers to do what? Now it’s making some sense as to why Walmart could stay open during this pandemic yet businesses like restaurants, gyms were shut down. It’s a pay to play game? Couldn’t practice your faith because churches were dangerous places. Liquor Stores were fine though. I see how this goes. Well thanks for uncovering that little unknown fact.

  9. Open carry in Wyoming, Walmart receive 1.3 million per store subsidized assistant benefits. Food stamps from local municipalities. Hand in hand with Uncle Sam. What sales tax percentage? Sheridan County , Wyoming 6%. $60,000 every 3 days. The government is a corporation. Thank you James Madison.

  10. I cannot find anywhere where W/M is getting this government money 🥱if you know where He got his information I would like that info😳🇺🇸

  11. We have open carry in Georgia. You can walk in a bank with an AR or Riffel. I walked in and one of our police officers was explaining to the bank manager how it was the law that people have that right and there was nothing they could do about it. I stood in line listening. Told that officer when I left, thank you for explaining that to the manager.

  12. wtf…. 900k per store? does that include the little mini stores too? they built 2 little stores near me, closed them down about a year latter,, sounds like a scam?

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