FEDERAL POLICE WANT MY I.D. – DENVER FEDERAL CENTER – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

FEDERAL POLICE WANT MY I.D. – DENVER FEDERAL CENTER – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press with Watching The Watchmen

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34 thoughts on “FEDERAL POLICE WANT MY I.D. – DENVER FEDERAL CENTER – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

  1. He really seems like such a sweetheart of an inspector ❣️he's just professional, respectful and willing to listen. I think he wanted to talk to Jason, but was a bit put off by his assertive personality. It went pretty good and I believe he will think differently now after seeing someone with a camera. 👀

  2. I bet that Policeman thought what a complete dick I'm dealing with today. Am I alone in thinking I could never tire of punching the bearded face off this prick. Complete clickbait site that nit picks a 250 year old constitution thats not fit for purpose in the 21st Century. Reinforcing my opinion that the USA, despite its alleged wealth, is a 3rd world country.

  3. I love your posts, watched all of them, but boy, have you ever thought of talking for America? My wife tells me I should talk for Scotland. Want a challenge?

  4. Wow! Talk about doing your best to provoke the security guard. He didn’t confront you at all and didn’t want to give you the time of day, and that pissed you off because you didn’t get the attention you want. Kinda childish. Complete waste of time. He didn’t say ANYTHING about running you out of there. You kept asking about his problem and he clearly said it’s legal and he was just checking. Only asked you once for your name. And didn’t press the issue. It’s obvious your didn’t get enough attention and were looking for a a way to provoke him into what you wanted. He didn’t budge. You actually took offense when he said he was going to leave. Too funny. Can’t win em all I guess.

  5. I suppose the Inspector thought the knowledge gained from running your licence plate was of greater value than the community trust lost from running it.

    I’d like to check his math 😐

  6. Omg I feel so bad for that home land security guy for having to deal with you and your exhausting/annoying lectures and stories and pointless sayings Jesus Christ

  7. This cop is all over the place with what he says he’s not a sick he just likes go try and confuse the person he talks to

  8. Jason, as a retired US Army veteran, I'm proud of you for what you do. You are a very impressive individual, I love the way you interact with all the LEOs, from the worst to the best you always give what you get and I love that about you. You are a true American, and watching your videos just reminds me why I enjoyed serving my country for all this years', for the American people like you. Keep up the great work you doing out there and stay safe!!!

  9. What is wrong with you guys you wait lol one day some terrorist gonna be scoping shit out use these same tactics and you fuck heads gonna be like why wasn't it investigated lol just wait just wait nothing the cop did was wrong

  10. You guys can't hate this cop come on guys he wasn't being an ass by any means and doing his job never told him he couldn't do anything

  11. Quick. There are 2 guys walking around with cameras and they are recording. Go find them. Maybe they will put you in one of their YouTube videos.

  12. I am busy can I go now, he is the one that stopped you didn't flag him down. This cop is very sensitive and really getting his feelings hurt and trying to start a fight "I never said that I never said that".

  13. Why do cops always take 3 spots instead of 1? haha. Hes literally putting you guys in more traffic than if he just took a parking spot.

  14. I think you were the one with the attitude right from the beginning..
    Then you calmed down trying to play cool

  15. That guy never read the constitution. He is trained without ever looking at the constitution.
    It should be a requirement for anyone who joins the military, or law enforcement or works for government to read and understand the constitution both federal and state.

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