45 thoughts on “Exercising Your Right To Remain Silent Is Disrespectful And Earns You A Ticket

  1. Same Video posted to Lackluster about thi psychopath Cop. Turned the guy's dog into a Threat on its owner's life "what kind of dog is that?"!! Makes me want to ask what kind of Cop is this Dog with a badge.

  2. This cop doesn’t have a lot of friends and misses meaningful conversations and acts like a bully and isn’t smart enough to figure out that maybe just maybe. That’s a bad attitude he’s got

  3. He is the epitome of why the police are not respected and don't deserve respect. Yet he's complaining and abusing his authority to try to get it.

    What should be a respected profession, is not ……because we're not 6 years old anymore. They're culture serves them. Cowards and scumbags.

    Integrity is very much not wanted in that career field.

  4. First I am not remotely indoctrinated never have been from day one if anyone believes or not I could care less and this is by far my favorite channel has and will be now and as far into the future barring any unforeseen factors that might change that but the officer in this video is being judged unfairly in my opinion because sure pulling citizens over because of a seat belt is tyrannical as only the individual is responsible for their safety if their judgement leads to injury or death of themselves or others that is their right but the couple in the vehicle you have to admit they were a little rude I agree never talk to police ever they are not ever your friend but some depending on situation non invasive questions in the right moment when mutual respect is still on the table can be answered as in any interaction respect is in my opinion required for positive results so I can understand how the officer was irritated because he my be a dog lover and he did state he head never seen the breed and he still was calm ish and kept his word he did cop splain a bit but I think he did a good job that does not give him a total pass as this is the only data I have on him but I still say fuck the police wanna be mutha sucks should get what they deserve then and their handlers sorry don't mean to drone on just one more thing NO BOOT LICKING unless that's your deal some people are touched in the head because what the hell is up with scat porn sick fucks!! love your work fuck delete laws guys a shit talking crybaby sorry I'm babbling again Live Free Or Die!!!!!

  5. That officer sounds like my niece who expects people to cater to her. A completely spoiled child who is probably popping a lot of pills from her therapist now. She is probably around this guys age now. I disowned her because she likes to fight with everyone to get her way and her only parent is a horrible person.

  6. That is the worst kind of cop to deal with, lick my boots or I will make you pay and he wants respect too. Kick rocks you blow hard. Good cops don't force their will with threats. Here is the problem. Cops are not smart enough. ABC news – N E W L O N D O N, Conn., Sept. 8, 2000 — A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city. To smart to be a cop? Figure that out.

  7. The dog may not be a fixed female, but the publicly paid idiot is definitely a bitch. He is wielding power over a seatbelt and a question about a dog as if he was in Nazi Germany. FIRE THIS IDIOT before he gets killed or kills someone. This is not acceptable behavior! This must be addressed!

    If the “ cop” got into law enforcement to gain “ RESPECT” , the he TOTALLY FU*KED UP!🙄🙄🙄

  9. If these people didn't answer this tyrant!!! he definitely would of be arrested and impound their car. Not everyone can afford Not To Obey!!

  10. Funny. For the sake of being "Professional", what does the breed of dog have to do with NOT WEARING A SEATBELT??? May as well just say, "Do you know why I pulled you over"? "NO". The reason why I stopped you is because I was wondering what the price of eggs in China is"….??? Crazy…lol.

  11. Using his powers to get respect like a child pleading the 5th is offensive. How the cop has not been repremanded for this video making them answer questions personally. His ego is passive aggressive but with his powers could become dangerous. No one should use powers to be respected is that not abuse?. Poor do better.

  12. How does a person get so screwed up as this idiot cop? And what kind of a cop would think that a sick person as this person should be allowed to be a cop?

  13. The reason that cops don't get alot of respect these days is not because of the citizens, but because of their actions. Then there is the fact that that thry are constantly being video taped and they haven't had that scrutiny until the last five or ten years, after decades and decades of abusing their authority over the citizens that they are supposed to serve!

  14. Respect is earned and law enforcement is not respected bc they have destroyed it and proved themselves to not be worthy of any , same with trust bc they are not trustworthy and unfortunately have no credibility left.

  15. The hell with this officer, I wouldn't have told him what kind of dog it was, I would rather received a $20 to $30 ticket for not bowing down.

  16. LOL I wonder how this officer's ego fits in his patrol car. Not to mention he's only 25? How about instead of demanding respect, he gives it to the citizens who he is sworn to protect and serve.

  17. Officer…you have what I am required to give you, do your work and stop asking questions, because I will gladly pay the fine before you and I become buddies to one another…ass…

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