1. The road isn't necessarily wavy to slow you down. It is so when you go to run the gate, as they shoot at you, they get multiple angles to hit the driver.

  2. The answer to that constant bullshit equivilant that they try to make about someone filming your house, is "nothing".
    There is actually nothing you can do if somebody is in public filiming your house.

    That is a false equivilancy anyway, a more apt question would be if someone was on the sidewalk and filmed you at work.
    As that air force base, or a police station, those are NOT their homes. They always try to pose the question as personal as they can.

    Why is it Ok for my employer to set up cameras all over the workplace.
    What's the difference of a tax payer watching their public servants?

  3. Nosing around military areas/bases with a camera is a good way to fuck-up your day and in my opinion isn’t worth it. Right/wrong or indifferent, the Feds can bring a shit storm when they want to…

  4. Definitely some strange shit. East, mid Rogers lake and the 395. Driving one morning north on 395 i looked west between 2 small mountains, i believed i seen a huge structure that was there then disappeared a hologram. Check it out. There's dirt roads then a small section of paved to a concrete pad that's gated. There's absolutely nothing around it.

  5. To correct an initial claim, there are signs between the shown Edward AFB sign and the western security checkpoint that say no photography.


  7. If you look at the shape, it looks just like a dog. I can see his ears, eyes and nose. I might print it and enhance the dog shape.

  8. Shit, you didn't bother to find out the rules for on-base photography, got your ass handed to you…and now you've got your panties in a bunch over it. Grow up, learn from your mistakes, and quit antagonizing military personnel. You should be happy things didn't go worse for you.

  9. Dude, what is your point? Familiarize yourself whith the general orders of a sentry, you can google them. They are very broad and far reaching. Then solicit for input for quality of training. Its a very mixed bag. Point is your not allowed to take photos on most military installations. Ive seen video cameras confiscated at Andrews. Everyone does it though. So, if you get caught just be polite, apologize, there gonna run your info. They cant deal with you cause your a civilian but if your wanted they will pass you off to local law enforcement.

  10. Is it legal to take nude pics in public like that? Here's a pro tip duchebag, just take your dumb ass picture's somewhere else. If you are not conducting or participaiting in military movement or event stay away from the fucking base. "Oh I respect the military," but here you are playing film of a gate. You know what we did to people trying to film or take pictures of our gates in Iraq? I bet the blood stains are still on the walls, and that was in 2004. We train the way we fight, you think that there was no civilians outside the F.O.B. in Iraq? The counter measures are if we see pointing a cam at the gate we would snatch their ass up and pray the resist.

  11. He's an asshole…. but that doesn't give you guys the right to violate his rights.

    Thanks for being an asshole Johnny.

  12. It's really quite simple, IF the security forces say that there is no photography allowed in a given area or direction then simply DON'T take the freaking pictures. All this crap about 1st Amendment violations does NOT apply IF there is national security issues involved. As a civilian, we have NO idea what is high security or not. IF the security guys say leave then leave. Just because there is a fence that does not necessarily mean that the base property ends with the fence line. The same goes for prison guard lines. Photos and videos are never allowed inside guard lines and sometimes those lines are not clearly marked for any number of valid reasons. When an Officer says you are on prison property even IF you are standing on a sidewalk installed by the city or county or state and that sidewalk is on a government road or street, it might very well still fall inside guard lines. It also doesn't matter if you have taken 10,000 photos before, there could be movement of high security equipment or people during any span of time around when you are photographing or videoing. Jeepers people use some of that gray matter for something other than cranium filler. No one is infringing on your 1st Amendment rights by telling you to leave an area and they are not violating those same rights if they arrest you for failure to comply with orders no matter how much we disagree with them. We can't possibly know what changes have taken place or are taking place at the time.

    As an example, I was on a date several years ago and my lady and I had taken a couple of side streets that took us out on one of the main streets that ran right by the main runway of an Air Base. As we pulled up to the stop sign one of the base Security people waved at us as we began to pull out. I thought he was just being friendly since we were on a federal highway that a state/city street had intersected. So I waved and entered the lane. I was surrounded before I had traveled a city block by Air Police who had their ugly mean old black guns all pointing at me and my girl. One of them approached and ordered us out of the car and get face down on the asphalt while they thoroughly searched the car. I was pissed for sure. But, when they relaxed a bit after about 15 minutes of searching, they explained that the Air Police had intended us to stop.

    After I talked with them for a few more minutes we all laughed. Their actions were because a highly secret aircraft was en route to the base, and they were stopping all traffic within camera range of the runways. As I was getting up and helping my girl get up, I caught a glimpse of this weird looking jet coming in for a landing. The Stealth Bomber was making its rounds to various bases for hangering until the public was made aware of their existence. Did I feel violated? Not one second. Why? Because, I know that their actions were based on a perceived potential threat. Was I irritated? At first as I mentioned I was thoroughly pissed but after about 3 or 4 minutes we were allowed to sit up on the curb while the search of the car was conducted. As we sat there one of the Airmen explained what was happening and why.

    That totally diffused the tension. As we got back into the car, the Sgt, gave me a pass to get on base where I could take my and my girlfriend's clothing and have them cleaned. In the end it was all good with no harm and no foul. They asked if the camera that was in the back seat had film to which I answered in the affirmative. They asked I had taken pictures of any part of the base to wit I replied no I hadn't. They asked what kind of pictures I had on there and again I answered telling them that they were nature shots. They then asked if they could take the film to wit I asked if they had any to replace it. While they were searching the car, one of the Airmen left and was back in about 10 minutes with a full case of 35mm film for my troubles and loss. At that point I accepted their offer, and they promptly removed the film from my camera. Again no harm and no foul.

    I asked them about IF I had intimate or very important photos on the film what would happen. They very politely answered saying that if that had been the case, they would have escorted me to their photo lab and would have developed the prints with me there to insure there were no "security sensitive" photos. For the third time no harm and no foul. Longer story short, 15 minutes out of my time and the loss of a few nature prints and some dirty clothing was a small price to pay for protecting highly sensitive security concerns.

  13. So listening to this unidentified caller, once you pass the gate that says "Welcome to Edward Airforce Base" you are on government property……so why the hell would they not have a check-in gate right there instead of 14 miles in???

  14. Dude, I can hardly believe that anti-terrorist drove 200 miles to your residence to ask a ridiculous question!! America confuses the shit out of me lol

  15. Another load of BS, They will do anything to make themselves look good you you look bad. You can't get a clown in uniform to admit they did anything wrong. And to think we pay them to act this way.

  16. How can the military state that they fight for our freedom and then they took those men's Freedom away from them. That I truly don't understand. These people work around cameras day in and day out so what are they afraid of with a personal camera being out there. And I also saw all those pictures of that airplane obviously it's been photographed before by plenty. But they stepped all over their first amendment rights and that's not in dispute that's just fact. Policy is for the people of the business not for the civilians that come in law and Constitution stands for the civilians. thank you

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