Education at WHAT COST?! School Board Trainer tells administrators they are legal dictators.

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19 thoughts on “Education at WHAT COST?! School Board Trainer tells administrators they are legal dictators.

  1. Oh well… seriously you guys need to work on your history skills. The napoleonic wars went from 1799 till 1815. With the decisive battle 1813 at Leibzig the french got kicked out of germany. it still took a wile till waterloo but the french where more or less constantly running. … and no…. germans never surrendered to the britts cause at the time they were allies. (The picture shows a ww1 propaganda scene you f*king idiots!)
    At the battle of waterloo 1815 we kicked napoleons ass. Britts under the duke of wellington attacking from the north, germans under Gen. Blücher attacking from the east.
    Fun Fact: during this period germans of all tribes fought together side aside in the recently formed "Freekorps Lützow". Soldiers in black coats with golden buttons and red insignias. Thats where the colors of our Flag came from. This was the moment when seperation ended. … about 150 years earlier then the US.
    oh … and btw… at that time slavery was already some relic of the past. Wich still was going on for "quiet a while" in the US.

    I think i go out now, sit on my front porch or a park bench across the street and enjoy a beer with my neighbour.
    just to celebrate my freedom
    because i know….
    MY freedom is actually real 🍺

  2. we wouldn't a body of people capable to figure out how badly they getting the GOV STICK up their a**es now would we? It's astonishing how you have to be brainwashed to teach… Yes I am educated, yes I have multiple degrees, no it was not easy. I prefer the home schooling model as a proven fact, the government really has no rights!

  3. I dispise no one as much as a teacher.some who thinks because they drank their way through colleague to get the easiest degree there is,and thinks that gives them more rights on how your child should be raised than you.And would have you imprisoned because you don't want your kids to go to hell with them

  4. My definition of a teacher: A person who has no working knowledge of a subject, that was taught by another person with no working knowledge, that thinks they know how to teach working knowledge of a subject.

  5. The US Government is a Criminal Cartel! Just like the Mafia. the Government is going to Destroy your Life, Steal your Property, Money, and Rights! The Enemy is the Corrupt Government!

    The Government Way… Bribery, Extortion, & Lies!

    L. Todd Wood ~ "Once you realize the U.S. government is an organized crime syndicate, everything makes sense."

    Michael Malice ~ “There is no law so obscene that the police would not be willing to enforce it, up to and including the mass execution of innocent children.”

    Cut the US Government by 50%. A bunch of those 3 letter agencies need to be gone and others severely cut. We will NOT Miss them & we would all be better off.

  6. Bitchute Todd Callender and mike adams president has no oath of office and nor does the cabinet, and another show with attorney
    Military Todd Callender and dr Lee the judges also have no oath of office why follow there laws then they are made up.

  7. Many of these states including New Mexico have the highest poverty rates in the USA!

    Most states fund their Schools with property taxes! When you have high rates of poverty and lower property values, schools tend to be less funded and less effective

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