DIRTY South Daytona – Lawsuit drafted, public records violations

Once the final draft is complete I’ll share it to JMAudits.com

South Daytona is playing games with public records.

The deputy clerk is a former lake Helen city administrator. She is experienced with government and has several certifications to be a municipal


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46 thoughts on “DIRTY South Daytona – Lawsuit drafted, public records violations

  1. You do not need private messages. What you did by recording her private text is unlawful. Doubt if your little lawsuite will get past a attorny.

  2. They are 100% dirty and 100% corrupt when even the public records receptionist knows 1) what has to be hidden 2) gets info/coaching on how to hide it 3) lies to the public the MOMENT they may be caught texting their boss for info on how to cover-up.

  3. They are not smart enough to know only communicate verbally if you're trying to hide something.

  4. Apr 6, 2020 | Police Misconduct During a criminal investigation, you have certain basic rights. There are also best practices that law enforcement officers should follow to ensure that they don’t violate the rights of an individual suspected of a crime. Unfortunately, current best practices for law enforcement officers often include intentionally lying to or misleading the subject of an investigation in order to access information and evidence. Police can lie directly to someone whom they suspect of a crime, as well as other people with secondary or tertiary connection to the crime. The better you understand your rights, the better you can determine if " police violated those rights " during an investigation or an arrest. WHY DO POLICE LIE DURING INVESTIGATION ? Police lie for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious is to create a sense of urgency in a suspect that can promote honesty when they might otherwise withhold information. Beyond that, police officers may say certain things to a suspect in order to build rapport, which means they want the suspects to trust them. Lying about what the officer believes happened or what kind of evidence the police have is a common tactic to undermine someone’s story or get them to comply with the wishes of the police. Although it is against the law for people to give false statements to the police, the same is not true for law enforcement. They can and do lie to both suspects and others during criminal investigations without any sort of consequence. " HOW POLICE LIES AFFECT THOSE ACCUSSED OF CRIMES " By misrepresenting a situation, police can make people feel like they don’t have any choice but to cooperate with law enforcement. For example, if an officer tells someone that a confidential informant places them at the scene of a crime for which the suspect has no alibi, that individual may decide to confess in the hope of securing a plea bargain that will reduce the penalties they face. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that " POLICE DISHONESTYHAS NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES " for innocent individuals suspected of a crime and may push them into confessing or pleading guilty to an offense that they had nothing to do with. If you believe that police violated your rights in the way they conducted an investigation, discussing those concerns with an attorney can help you better determine what options you have available. IMHO Nothing worse than a bad officer to tarnish all the GOOD ONE'S OMG that lady is a FFFFFKKKKKKKNNNNN liar

  5. Yes, foia fees are excessive and used to try to keep records from the public. I was just charged $430 for one week of emails from a county board member!

  6. Lair Lair Lair Definitely needs to be fired This department's just as crooked as Port Orange Jesus Christ what the uck , easier to be crooked than to do it right?Hold there feet to the 🔥

  7. Laws are selectively enforced in this oligarchy. And the government is their lap dog.

    Something should be done about this, but something tells me nothing will. Good work tho!

  8. Love your work. Keep it up. Government employees insult the genral public every day just by thinking we're much less intelligent than they are. Sometimes they run into a James Madison.

  9. In a meeting…..ha ha!
    That’s the standard “run along now.”
    They never have any intention of helping.
    Lots of lying going on here.
    She’s the queen of text message deletion.
    She deserves an award for that!
    South Daytona seems to be corrupt.
    But then again, police departments are well known for their coverups.

    I admire your work but be careful. When you least expect it they will retaliate.
    That’s law enforcement’s specialty.
    They despise transparency and accountability.

  10. The criminals are the people who are supposed to work for the people and get payed with our tax dollars. They are violating their oath of office and the 1st amendment. Smdh

  11. South Daytona police will screw you up like the rest DB, Holly Hill, Port orange NSB and Edgewater the police are as corrupt as they come if you thought you can feel safe, saying it's a gun happy 👮‍♂️ 🚔 away from a execution they are violent they have me labeled as a gang member because I had a knife and taken photos of my scars and tattoos all cops are the same!!! In this county

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