20 thoughts on “Did This Dallas Police Officer Just Get Caught Looting After A Tornado!

  1. Police are totally out of control qualified immunity police unions and internal affairs investigations are eliminated these tyrant’s attitudes towards citizens constitutional rights and freedoms will continue criminal behavior!!!

  2. 1:39 This still just baffles me. You walk right up to them and stick a camera in there face and expect them not to react to that. Most zoom lenses will cover the distance of the space they are asking for yet I see cop watcher after cop watcher pull this same dumb ass mistake. Let's use our heads and reverse this situation for a minute. You are in the middle of doing your job and you have some dumb ass that you don't know walking up on you with a camera. Would you not act the same way? Congratulations dip shit. You brought that one on yourself.

  3. Again cars going by but worried about a camera. How unprofessional distracted from doing their job and assaulting someone excercing their 1st amendment rights and making up rules.

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