Deputy Ortiz wasn’t ready for LAURASHARK

Deputy Ortiz arrested my good friend Valerie Rivera mother of Eric Rivera (murdered by LAPD in 2017) for assault on an officer last year and just last month the case was dropped. Following her arrest, Tom Zebra confronted ORTIZ on several occasions, bringing up Valeries arrest and not too long after ORTIZ arrested Tom Zebra twice and given him several citations.
So no Deputy Ortiz I’m not going to be ‘nice’ to you, Im not going to scream and cuss at you, but i wont stoop to your level and ‘act nice’ to you~

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Author: rafael.nieves


49 thoughts on “Deputy Ortiz wasn’t ready for LAURASHARK

  1. My case was dismissed and dropped last month. A whole year later. I never assaulted nobody. Ortiz assaulted me and wrongfully arrested me. All I did was stand my ground and stand for my rights. And the JUDGE Sided with me. Deputy Ortiz is a woman beater and a problematic sheriff. I will be holding him accountable for what he did to me. Let me catch his ass on the street again. He knows who the hell I am. He is such a coward and a scumbag. And needs to get fired ASAP for all the abuse and wrongful arrests he has done to the citizens and community.

  2. It is time we make a change, instead of continuing to watch videos and complaining about them like a little bitch, I'm going to join my local police department and show them how to do the job better!! Who here is with me !!! lets go!!!

  3. Thank you for your important videos. I am sorry that others from those "1st amendment audit" auditors garbage up YouTube and detract from what you are doing.

  4. Never ever trust the cops they can and will lie to you, don't talk to the cops you have a right to remain silent use it. Cops aren't here to protect and serve they are here to enforce the state's laws. I hope everyone of these pigs get covid.

  5. I watched another video of yours where the cop gave a girl a hard time for spitting. Said it was a crime in Inglewood. At 6:51and 7:12 cop is spitting all over the place because he is

  6. How can I find out where punk ass Ortiz lives so I can protest his house. Hell I'll even protest the station he works out of. How dare this man treat people like this. Especially a grieving mother who has lost a child because of dumb ass cops like himself. I think he needs to get paid a visit by me and my people. See how quickly he will remember. I told his ass he ain't seen the last of me. Since my court is over now. I think I should start chasing after his ass and the department he is in. And give him back some of what he is giving. Fuck this coward. How dare he. He is the perfect example of why I protest. And fight the system. And get new laws in for the people, not for law enforcement. Shame on Ortiz. He has major problems. And needs to be fired ASAP. And also held accountable. He has made it my job now to make sure that happens. I'll hit you up Laura when I protest his department soon. Can u remind me what his department is again? Please. Thank you for being there to capture him in all his glory🀣. We need more videos focused on him.

  7. They should wear arm bands that tell the public the level of ass holes they are so we can prepare ourselves for what kind of bullshit they are gonna put out lol make then different colors red could be top ass hole blue could be happy ass hole that one has 😊

  8. Law enforcement officers are criminals and should never be trusted in any way shape or form…. law enforcement officers have no honor, dignity, credibility or integrity and people should arm themselves to protect themselves from Criminal law enforcement officers of today… 99% of all law enforcement officers are criminals and cannot be trusted…. never answer any questions from any law enforcement officers; Never surrender any paperwork to any law enforcement officer whatsoever including your driver's license. Keep your windows rolled up and put your drivers license, insurance, and registration against the car window for the officers to write down… NEVER SURRENDER ANYTHING TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS!!!!

  9. Well!! I have never seen an officer display absolutely NO ability for self reflection nor an interest in doing what is RIGHT!! You totally BODIED him!!πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  10. Why do you guys keep promoting Mask wearing when even the CDC, let alone the disclaimer on the box, says they protect from NOTHING???

    If you're out there to promote Liberty then you need to Promote ALL LIBERTY and not just the one Amendment you happen to be aware of.

  11. Your dealing with a narcissistic psychopath, any person that questions cell phone videos not telling the true story as this pig says,like saying there body cameras don't capture what's really going on, what a really dangerous person,plus a complete slob his uniform looks like he sleeps in it,no pride just a thug be careful.

  12. He's the kind of pig that everyone likes to see on the evening news. Hope he gets exactly what he deserves. Looks like a fat coward to me.

  13. MAYBE, it's like this he fells safe when you move back. maybe he's has the WRONG JOB, FOR HIS SAFETY HE SHOULD FLIP BURGERS AT MCDONANDS, [ now the grill scares him.] you know he did finish the 6th grade. [last in class.] got hired that day as a cop. F.T.P. STAND UP FOR YOUR WRITES. here today gone today…………………………………………..

  14. Is it me or their way of speaking shows no intelligence? Lol wow. They sound like the guys in the back of the classroom that didn’t pass Spanish class ( being their native language) hahahahahahahahaha

  15. Ortiz does not want people to obsess over his past while you can guarantee he will use every bit of someone else's past to justify harassing them every chance he gets.

  16. Ortiz is a piece of human excrement. He's such a coward that he needs to hide behind that badge to Bully and Abuse women to feel better about himself.

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