45 thoughts on “Delivering A Care Package To Sioux Falls Police

  1. This is the best video on YouTube. You can see the anger in the officers eyes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. He was looking at you James like he wanted to say I only make $15 an hour! Do I have to put up with this shit?
    He was almost ready to bust a gut!!
    Good one!😂🤣

  3. Why did you have to make it political with the "liberal tears" nonsense? Everyone knows it's the rich and the powerful against the rest of us. Words like "liberal" and "conservative" are just false constructs meant to divide us common folk so we don't go after those with the real power.

  4. The antifa comment made me unsubscribe. January 6th the Trump uprising. There is documentation of true terrorism. Not some boogey man antifa. What a joke.

  5. Not popular opinion , but I think he was partly smiling and took the blows because he was planning on taking the supplies to his own little kids .

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