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By phillyfinest369


36 thoughts on “Criticising Judges Should Be PUNISHED!!!”
  1. This motion to dismiss is so absurd, if I were the judge hearing this motion, my first response would be, “I’m sorry, what?! You’re requesting a dismissal because the plaintiff exercised his First Amendment right to redress his government…and you want it dismissed because his public criticisms ‘lacked decorum?’ Ms. Delfin, do you and the defendants have any idea how absurd that motion is? He’s clearly suing you for infringing on his First Amendment rights and your first response to that is a motion to dismiss, thus infringing on his rights again?! If you hadn’t incriminated yourself before, you certainly have now with this motion of dismissal…”

  2. The root of their delusion seems to be that if they get singled out in life outside the building, then their bubble is still there, that it's part of THEM.

    Truth being it's part of the COURTROOM environment. Extra cautious Contempt bubble. It has at least some significant validity IMO.

    That being, it is THAT important for ORDERLY two-sided hearings to proceed often at length to a conclusion, not a mistrial.

    I guess i'm not wanting to attack the awesome power of one sided finding of contempt. Something like that belongs there. Fair proceedings are too vulnerable to having to start over. Even a mild outburst might well deserve severe summary judgment. Any jcontemp udgment deserves appeal rights. But not in that moment not in that case. It becomes a new case starting with summary confinement outside the case at hand.

    The hope is that one human overseeing can develop expertise to hold contempt ONLY when needed.

    It is as awesome as the legitimate temporary 1sided police authority to decide enough evidenced exists fie detention/arrest.

    Also importantly court proceedings are generally open to the public. So the court of public opinion might help correct things too … later on, when ppl there speak up.

    Total agreement there's no place for summary contempt finding outside the environment. But in that special place for that special kind of reason, we need to accept some version of it.

    Power corrupts. Our ability to keep this power in check will lie in criticizing judge's particularly a lot more regularly. Outside the courtroom of course.

    t's half understandable they got the idea that constant difference stays with them when they come back out into our world. We haven't been reminding them that it doesn't.

  3. Freedom is only one generation away from extinction. And your failure to exercise your own freedom, your rights is you way of helping it disappear. Free speech is something that we have to defend in every generation because it’s not automatic. The 4th and 5th amendment do not exist to make things easy for the police just doing their jobs. These amendments including the others but particularly the 1st amendment does exist to protect us from the overreach and overbearing police power of the government and keep us secure in the actions we take.
    First Amendment is literally the First Law:
    The First Amendment is the First Law. The founding fathers felt so strongly about that first most important principle of Freedoms that they crowded all five parts into the First Law. It was not an accident nor was it convenient. It’s the First Law and the right to bear arms was the Second Law to allow us, insure we could, guarantee we could, if necessary, protect the First Law, First Amendment.
    First Amendment Auditors put Public Servants under a civil rights microscope when they test the system, their oath, their loyalty, their support to defend the principles of the Constitution’s First LAW.
    ALL Public Servants, not just including but especially, ALL law enforcement – like it or not, you held up your hand, and YOU swore THE oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution. If you are vague, if you don’t know what you swore YOUR oath to, then it’s up to you to learn. But breaking your oath and violating our civil rights is not acceptable in fact it’s a traitorous act. Are you the traitor?
    What’s the value of swearing an oath if you only stick to it when it’s easy? In this day and age, (so often we are reminded by police), we must not only test public servants’ commitment to the oath they swore to protect and defend the constitution, we must STRESS TEST it. We are obligated to push those public servants in behalf of the citizens for the future, lest we not forget why we live in this free country.

  4. I would consider the constant filing of frivolous motions to raise a citizens attorney fees to be misconduct. The first amendment is clearly established in case law. This motion will clearly fail and its only purpose is to try to drive your attorney fees up to force you out of the process. The only misconduct in this situation is the misconduct of the opposing attorney.

  5. Are these so-called ‘honorable’ women actually even grown ups? They are literally no more emotionally intelligent than a school bully threatening, targeting and attacking their victim by grabbing their hand and telling them ‘stop hitting yourself’

    Watching from Australia. 🤘🏼

  6. Thanks James. We have Police like yours here in Australia. The Legal system here also is similar to yours, it works like this, "how much Justice can you afford."

  7. Thanks BLAIR DUNN for being a great attorney for James Freeman rights and the peoples rights
    James you are the best KEEP the tyrants and corruptors
    Accountability and transparency they are stupid when they think they can get away with this fkn shhiitt is astounding if it looks like a biartchh talks like a biartchh
    Well it is a biartchh and her is and acts like a biartch you are one biartchh James they dont like the public knowing more then them egotistical butthurt tyrants WOW they want to gag you Free Speech get over yourself biartchs you are not above the constitutional Law or James rights

  8. James, in an era that lacks true heroes, you are one. I thank you for exposing the power-hungry tyrants in our government. You have this retired (medically) former US Army infantryman's respect.

  9. Misconduct: Unacceptable or improper behaviour, especially by an employee or professional person.

    Is the states position that you are their employee or that the government can decide the professional behaviour of journalists?

  10. I found out over 40 years ago that there is precious little honor in our injustice system. That at very best, anyone can hope for is that the court doesn't decide to harm you maliciously.

  11. Tell the lawyer I said she is a bitch bitch bitch which is known as FREE SPEECH. Any lawyer that takes a case where the client is obviously violating FEDERAL LAW should be disbarred.

  12. Please my liege, let me beg your excellency for the right to speak and breathe. I will promise to keep your boots clean! Is this NOT what our Public Servants are demanding from their Masters?
    As for me and my family, we shall never lick the boots of our Public Servants!

  13. The future of our America is in jeopardy! Court cases about FEELING'S, TOTAL INSANITY! What happened or where are the ADULTS? Democracy+ Constitution are in peril but hopefully in the near future will come back to We The People.

  14. 👍🏽CLASSIC 👏🏽🤣 just when you think they've reached the bottom of the barrel, you realize this is a bottomless barrel. 🤣 Endless Content. 🌏Makes for entertaining viewing around🌏 the world🌏

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