33 thoughts on “Corrections officer BUSTED for impersonating a cop! Whitehall Ohio

  1. Jesus Christ! He could have killed the officer that was in the passenger seat…how can an officer not have good cross fire/muzzle control/trigger discipline…smh

  2. There is no defending this guy, heโ€™s absolutely wrong, but the best part is if you saw the original video of this, the first officer is upset that his people didnโ€™t get the part time (overtime) traffic assignment.

  3. Omg Casey..!
    I work (well worked) with this guy.
    When I 1st worked with him… I was like "this guy's story doesn't jive"
    Then I worked 3 more days with him…. then I was like… "I think this dude is full of shit"

    Casey told me he was Head of Security of OSU Campus Police (Ohio State University)

    Wow… my 1st impression of him was Correct

  4. Chris,

    You seriously donโ€™t know why someone would want to impersonate a police officer? Why someone would want to put themselves in a position of authority over another person? Why donโ€™t you ask fellow odditard Earl Worden? Why donโ€™t you audit the odditard?

  5. Props for putting the state in the title. So many dummies will just say "Turdville deputy", as if anyone knows where the fuck turdville is

  6. Only a white boy can actually say, "can we discuss another charge" anyone else would've been slapped !! do u see why ppl hate the system!!

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