30 thoughts on “Cops SUED Settlement PAID $125,000.00 #copsowned #cops #thinblueline

  1. These cops should feel like a pack of tyrants. They should really learn how freedom work and stop equating mere suspicion as the same as RAS. If I fucked up this bad at work, terminated without doubt. What happens to these yuks?

  2. I hate white people. Let me go out and take pictures to goad police into stopping me so i can try to make them look like an asshole. This is a thing only a white snowflake victim would do. This is first world white people shit right here.

  3. Wow, there are many things you can fix in life, stupid not being one of them! These officers are on another level of embarrassment on how unaware they are of basic laws.

  4. Suspicious isn't a crime or a law you have to articulate a crime that he is actually committing and you aren't doing that which means you are violating his first amendment right and his Fourth amendment right and his fifth amendment right one of the cops in this country going to start upholding the constitution in the oath they took when they were sworn in as a public official officer of the law

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