24 thoughts on “Cops REFUSE to leave woman’s home after UNLAWFULLY entering!

  1. I seem to recall another time when Govt. ignored people's Rights/Privacy/Property, and when the People got sick and tired of their bullshit, beat the shit out of that govt. and formed a new Country.
    W/O a WARRANT, or R.A.S./EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES, the second those Govt. MOBSTERS refused to exit, INSTANTLY, is the exact reason why we have our 2A. Don't try having a discussion with these bastards. ORDER THEM OUT, AND IF THEY REFUSE, THEY JUST BECAME ARMED INTRUDERS PERFORMING A VIOLENT ACT AND THREATENING YOU WITH VIOLENCE AS THEY DO IT! Erase them from the human gene pool.

  2. No warrant? Them opening her door and walking in is no different that home invasion robbers doing the same. That's a good way to get legally shot.

  3. Ecxposd for what looking for someone they acted ok they were not out of order we don’t have video of door open or closed prior to them being there your making it sound like door was secure we just don’t know now do we do

  4. That early 20's punk cop is poised to have a 30+ year career of betraying America, and feeling like his costume grants him the authority to do whatever he wants. I feel sorry for that community. What a dick.

  5. They were in the wrong no doubt tresspassing this ladies castle. But got to admit it was kind of neat seeing 2 SERVANTS HAVING to Look Up to one of their BOSSES. They need to be sent to the PENALTY BOX no doubt. AND THAT ADT SECURITY SIGN must mean she needs to check her system of security haha.

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  7. The first trooper is Danger all over the place.. He is looking at her like he wishes that camera was not on. And I will definitely be making it apart to see him in person once I get back to the the east coast.. See how well he can look at a real man. Put him in place and out of work

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