Cops disrespect flag! What’s your thoughts on flag code?

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39 thoughts on “Cops disrespect flag! What’s your thoughts on flag code?

  1. My thoughts are any public employee who took an oath to the constitution and disrespects our flag in that way, needs to be tard and feathered and bless his unemployed heart

  2. Looks like “We the People” will have to restore the flag to its rightful place using the flag code…LEOs are not bout to admit they are wrong. Remove the gang flags, violations of the flag code and the people who support them.

  3. It's a flag… A piece of material. You can take from symbols what you want. The problem is the lack of humanity and the abundance of total disrespect from those on the taxpayers donations. The flag is just another egotistical police gang entitled way.

  4. It is a violation and should be held accountable, I know there's a few good cops but they're an occupying Force not a public service entity. They're a gang who think they're better than the rest of us, they're not your friends or here to help.

  5. nice….. If ya don't know now you know, I go around on government Facebook pages of the videos I watch from you JMA and all the Peeps with vids that need to be addressed. and if I see a blue line flag on any of their post I post a rather long message of 4 us code. I posted on that box he has on his desk 26 weeks ago and they still desecrate are flag….
    ( I really need to code a bot to find these desecrated flags faster)
    p.s. its sad but one day I will post on every police department Facebook calling them out for who they are….. either that or I get banned from Facebook one of the two…

  6. I said, "hey buddy" to a cop walking down the sidewalk a couple decades ago. He said, "😡I am not your buddy!" I would like to take the time to thank that piggy for leading me down the path of organized crime. He helped me shake the illusion that government is good or necessary. Without that piggy's help I could be living a lie.

  7. I served 13 years in the US Air Force, and folded several flags for my Brothers & Sisters in Arms.. A casket draped in the American Flag is to Honor that person and to show respect to the Families left behind.. Im my humble opinion, their is no room for a Blue Line on the American Flag.. Our Flag is meant for everyone, not to divide us into Sub Groups.. Salute to all of our American HERO’s.. Even though Burning the Flag is considered Free Speech, {Which i Dont agree with}, but to each his or her own.. Police Dept's, are Not Private Citizens..

    The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature… per Flag Code..

    The white {Stripe} signifies purity and innocence.
    Blue {Field}signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.
    The red {Stripe} signifies hardiness and valor.

    In the original design doesn't speak of any additional colors or alterations, other than maybe a Gold Fringe, only to used inside or briefly taken outside.. The US Army, and Air Force uses the Fringed Flag in Ceremonies, while the US Navy, Marines, & Coast Guard does not..

    The American flag is a powerful symbol of our nation’s history and values. For many Americans, the flag represents freedom, democracy, and opportunity. The stars and stripes of the flag stand for the courage and sacrifice of those who have fought to protect our country. Sorry JMA for such a long post.. Keep Rockin Brother..

  8. Wow, I was about to write a totally different comment, UNTIL you lit the flag with the clear light. Our flag is so beautiful and needs to be flown with respect. It shouldn't be used for ANY other affiliation than for our COUNTRY. That means it represents our ENTIRE COUNTRY. How can the police entities across the country have such a hard time understanding the flag is NOT theirs. It is ours!!!

  9. They have no business having any flag on the ground or wrapped around someone or something. It is meant to be displayed properly or not at all. And government buildings have to fly it.

  10. Criminal Frauditors like James Madison Fraudits violate the criminal codes all the time, while the Police respect real citizens and their fellow Police with the thin blue line. The Frauditors have no respect for anyone or anything. Their channel supporters are the worst anti-Americans of all.

  11. I don't care what anyone does to a flag that they own. This appears to be a flag that the public owns, on property that the public owns. The chief should keep his perversions of the flag in his own little perverted house, using flags that he owns. He and his fellow gang members can circle jack over it all day if they want.

  12. Any symbol or image of the flag should be only the original colors and the only flag flown or displayed in this country. My question is why when an officer dies they drape a regular flag on the coffin and not one of their blue line gang flags ????

  13. 1st Amendment allows someone to disrespect the flag – its probably only true America – which is why we are the best. However, 1st Amendment also allows us to criticize them.

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