Cops Bust Into The Wrong House And Then Refuse To Leave

North Brunswick Police force their way into a home responding to a 911 hangup. After they realize that they are definitely in the wrong house, they not only refuse to leave, but have multiple other officers illegally enter the home and bully the residents.

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North Brunswick Police Department
710 Hermann Rd, North Brunswick Township, NJ 08902
(732) 247-0922

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48 thoughts on “Cops Bust Into The Wrong House And Then Refuse To Leave

  1. This is totally wrong. These cops have no authority to be in this guy’s apartment. Fact. Wake up people look what’s going on in this country what these police think they have a right to come in to your residence. Authorization. Wake up. This is our tax paying American citizens property not the government’s.

  2. And why do cops all get fat and disgusting on our dime? Don’t they care about their health. A study should be done on how the odds of getting shot go up the fatter they are. 75% of all cops can’t run a 100 yard dash without stopping.

  3. Another day another video with more bad apples! If there are so few bad cops why is it that every single day more and more bad cops are on video breaking laws?

  4. Why aren’t the cops/dispatch trying to figure out what the address is of the landline that placed the 911 call? They are harassing this guy while someone may actually be in danger. The way they show cops on TV would have figured that out

  5. Hey TYRANTS…. The Crime is out there…..
    WE THE PEOPLE Pay for their vaction with pay while WE THE PEOPLE pay for them to investigate themselves just to say WE THE TYRANNICAL did nothing wrong

  6. Mission of the North Brunswick Township Police Department: "Our goal is to maintain a safe and secure environment that will facilitate the quality of life our citizens have grown to expect by insuring that federal, state, and local laws are enforced in a fair, consistent, and swift manner. By doing so in a fashion sensitive to the multitude of cultures that make up the human fabric of our community, we will continually work to achieve and maintain the respect and cooperation of the fine citizens of our community."

    Don't you love all those fancy words…see how they were applied in THIS video??? (sarcasm intended)

  7. How do we know the guy doesn't have a victim held captive who used the old phone line under a bed to dial 911? Or did the cops already search the entire house to include any attic/crawl space / etc?

  8. Just imagine…….90% of of uneducated citizens would be thanking them for screwing up and trespassing into their home, plus creating fear.

    Back the blue gang, till they come for you. Even on a ooopsy.

  9. I can't watch these videos when they open up telling me that they face no consequences . While watching I always hope that they are eventually held accountable and I just end up being mad when they arent

  10. I wish people would post their own content instead of using others..thats be lazy and collecting benefits. I thumbs down all these stolen content videos

  11. Wow same shit happened to me except my son called the 🐖 on his parents for arguing! Which is not a crime!
    & even after explaining no one hurt, no one injured, simply an argument between 2 adults & teenage son got scared & called 911. They still would not leave & wanted entry into the house! When denied his ego got the best of him & pretty much what you seen here is what happened to me!!😏
    No warrant, no crime, no suspension of a crime, no exigent circumstances…. just a hot head cop with a bruised ego!!
    & definitely no accountability!

  12. I walked out late one night & caught a cop peaking thru the side window. When I yelled at him he said there was a 911 call from my house. I told him no there wasn't any call & get the fuck off my property. He did leave.

  13. This is fucking insane and it’s like the time in which the nazis were around. The fact that almost nobody’s seeing it, it tells you how much this wrong practices are established.

  14. Cue ball tyrants. Eventually they will be held accountable in another way if they keep up with this dangerous game they like to play.

  15. Its honor to be featured by you James! Thank you for the attention to my situation, this was a terrifying experience and the mayor still won't answer me to discuss this situation

  16. A mass killing of cops who does this. Is what it’s going to take for the government to stop this shit.As the householder could shoot to kill as he was in fear of his life.
    Then the government will have to take action against these animals, because this is the normal thing for cops to do without any consequences. Ten of thousands of videos like this yet no action taken. Even when they murder an innocent person, they never solve the murder.

  17. Geez that was aggravating and vexing my nerves. He need to get a good lawyer to go after them. You can't just barge into people's home and trespass.

  18. They knew their screw up was being recorded so they went for IDs to run for warrants and make an arrest to then make their error somewhat fruitful.

  19. ********Well, it is New Jersey……….where cops don't work for a large, powerful central government…….they work for a smaller, powerful organization……and it ain't the Girl Scouts********

  20. Unreal James again totally unreal buddy, thugs at there best again, were is the freedom in this one, tyrnney has no boundrys in this one.Amen to that brother, ☺☺

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