Cop Thinks He’s Getting Baited! First Amendment Audit

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01:43 Mind Boggled

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Author: rafael.nieves


40 thoughts on “Cop Thinks He’s Getting Baited! First Amendment Audit

  1. It seems to me like the cop was trying to antagonize and bait the auditor.Talking smack like, "are you trying to start something", or "you don't even know where you live." If the auditor would have started getting mad and cussing out the cop he might have had an excuse to arrest him over "disorderly conduct."

  2. Why do cops hate auditors or just people filming? They hate transparency they hate when we know their rights they hate being spoke to the same as they speak to us they hate being made to look like a jackass, the list goes on. The only ones that edit footage is the cops, mute it, blur it, cut parts out or deny it altogether.
    Yet again a tyrant ass thinking everyone is a criminal, baiting, starting something etc.
    Stay safe everyone 🙏❤

  3. When someone has prejudice, it is a preconceived bias.
    That is exactly what is going on in his pig head even before getting out 'OUR' car. (you'll see why this is funny if you make it to the end)

    Knowing this and watching it again will make all the sense in the world including the attitude.

    So why does he have it and how did it get there?
    Perspective is everything. Simply put, cameras and auditing threatens them personally, their way of life, and perceived as making their jobs harder. Further, it also threatens their group, their friends, family, etc.

    Everyone makes decisions based on self interest. It is core of the process.
    When it comes to cops, first and foremost is payday, then the blue line, gov, etc. The public might not even make the list since in their view, they are a nuisance and hate us, add violins here. Now some of those pesky public people are making us look bad. Add the water cooler conjecture and it spins off out of control.

    This is not how they see themselves. I was watching Survivor for example and 'Gabler' said, "Veterans are one percent of our population that take care of the other 99%." This dialogue is a representation of his emotional and egoic attachment. The attachment is to the self, as part of his persona. Without getting into the hyperbole of the statement, I'll move on, but first point out how reactive he would be if I said this to him.

    When the persona perceives a threat, even to an attachment, it innately protects reactively. This is how belief works. We invest into it, attach it to ourselves, becomes part of the persona and here is the kicker, because we selfishly expect a pay-off. They don't call the people following sports teams fans for no reason. It is fanaticism. "My team. We're going to kick butt." but what did they actually invest to be able to attach this team to themselves. They might have purchased a few games, maybe a jacket, but seriously, nothing they do has any relevant bearing on the game. What do they receive? Emotions, one of the the main driving force of the human bio-feedback of being alive.

    It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. ~ Mark Twain

  4. I wonder how the cop would've acted if the activist just said I don't want to talk to you and turned his back on him. Disgusting how he tried to turn it into something more than just a man holding a sign.

  5. What would these cops do if every citizen went completely underground and lock the cops outside?
    I think they would be without a job or they would form an army force and try to break into the under
    ground homes and tunnels to get arrests. Or they'd break in and exterminate everyone they found.

  6. More evidence, if any was required, that talking to cops is a waste of time. Nothing good comes of it. It just gives them the opportunity to be assholes. Great to document that behavior on video, but we all know there is zero accountability through government.

  7. It has been awhile since I saw the original video but I believe in the beginning he stated he was in front of or near the Mayer or political person's house. That would explain why the officer was saying, "Why did you decide to stand here instead of where more people can see you?"

  8. i FELT LIKE JEFF played DEFENSE too much on this one. Kinda of wish he hadn't posted it. the FRAUDITOR channels r calling this one a win.
    I don't think profanity is necessary, but would have been nice to walk away.

  9. I love how he says they don't edit bodycam footage but at the end of the video they blur the video. Just stupid behavior from stupid people

  10. As I posted on Jeff's page…it's funny how the cop is "trying to figure out his motivation"…..uh, that's NOT your job officer…if what he is doing is LEGAL it's none of your business what his motivation is or where he's doing it.

  11. Any cop that says that an auditor is trying to bait them needs to say to the cop "baiting would imply that you fully know the law and intend to create a lawsuit by breaking the law and your oath to the constitution" then ask "how am i trying to bait you"? Leave them nowhere to go. If they then try to ask or imply anything you can counteract it simply by saying, "dont go down that illegal rabbit hole".

  12. It’s mind boggling!!! That’s not really saying much when boggling the mind of this mut. It’s like doing a magic show for a kindergarten class; they are easily amazed. A world class angler like Jeff fishing in gold fish bowl. “Oh, lookie there, I got a bite.” (Brad Paisley)

  13. “I had a good run but couldn’t make enough money.”

    You left to pursue more attractive options. As I expected. Those that don’t leave mostly doesn’t have better options. Because they are losers in all aspects of life. Not just being a cop.

    Praise God that you left before you were corrupted.

  14. The cop says they cannot edit body cam footage.
    That is a lie.
    I requested some body cam footage from the Jacksonville PD and it was heavily edited, mainly the parts that showed what a tyrant the cop was that pulled me over.

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