34 thoughts on “Cop Outside Jurisdiction Gets Owned And Walks Away Stuttering

  1. She didn't know what was going on, and tried to get off the call without further investigation. Recommends you go away and talk to someone else. Very helpful and meaningless at the same time.

  2. This should be the only reason that this town needs, to rid themselves of this serious liability. Any town that only has one officer is to small to have any officers at all, and should be patrolled by the county sheriff. A department with officers smart enough to know when they have the authority to make a traffic stop, and when they need to mind their own business. This town's leaders thought that having their own officer would make their citizens safer, and be a cash cow for the city coffers, but it will end up being the demise of the city, with the first major lawsuit. It has happened many times before.

  3. If every lie has a modicum of truth to it, should you know to ask the right questions and be good with puzzles you can get them to make an entire statement over the course of a conversation. It can be fun but people get real mad when you make them call themselves out.

  4. Also isn't there a 3-5 mph deviance due to speedometer calibration differences? Or is that actually just rule of thumb? Never been able to find anything on it specifically now that I think about it…?

  5. Yeah call the highway patrol you are not an officer you are kidnapped at gunpoint innocent civilians doesn't matter if they committed a traffic infraction or not you're outside your jurisdiction therefore you are no longer a police officer same thing goes if you are off duty you are no longer a police officer federal district courts have ruled on this police officers went off duty are not police officers they are citizens.

  6. Ok officer ill put my self in your shoes. I'm a local cop not state trooper. I have no jurisdiction on a high way. I see someone going 67 in a 65. What do I do??? Hmmmm I would pull them over then feed them a line of bs. Thus is called goverment over reach an exactly why we have jurisdictions. Find new job lady.

  7. Under very specific circumstances this officer would be able to back up, or even partner up with “LT” Commander Jeremy DeWitte in Florida. Between her power and Jeremy’s unlimited authority, they’re basically on the same level as the commander in chief of the United States of America

  8. She works for a small town in that state, she can pull over any vehicle commiting a traffic infraction anywhere in that state on or off duty.
    As is here in Georgia.
    My superiors always would remind us we should not do so because that officer would then have to notify the local police or state patrol to arrive onscene and based on the off duty officer statements, the arriving local police would then decide if a citation is applicable. The off duty officer identity would then be included in any citation and be obligated to appear in a courtroom sometimes many miles away from their town or city during or off duty.
    But you can CLEARLY see this officer is big time rookie material and is not sure what to do next and possibly has no one close by to call after she dug herself into this hole. He He.

  9. I cant imagine you James in a court of law and able to redirect questions on a officer. Cops wouldn't stand a chance if they had to tell the truth(James would get the truth out of them). I WOULD TAKE YOU OVER ANY PUBLIC DEFENDER

  10. She said as citizen i can pull you over.
    So as a citizen I can put lights on my car and police on the side and pull people over.
    When did this start?

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