44 thoughts on “Cop: I will RIP your * SOUL from your * body!

  1. The definition of "Pain Compliance" is variety of pain-inducing techniques available to officers to "persuade" an uncooperative arrestee to comply with their demands.
    The definition of "tor·ture" is the action or practice of inflicting severe pain or suffering on someone as a punishment or in order to force them to do or say something.
    The phrase "Pain Compliance" is a euphemism for "Torture" Just because you give a, thing, 2 different names. Does not change what that, thing, is.

  2. This F of Pig will be dealt with soon enough. This steroid sucking POS has no right to physically harming his officer let alone go off the Richter with the citizen in cuffs. The only time I will give this POS is when I witness him being dropped. Go FY pig!

  3. Cop with a don't tread on me tattoo is kinda hysterical though, you the boot that the slogan refers too.
    This guy out and out is the type of infiltration of white nationalist into law enforcement we are warned about.

  4. I am APPALED at the actions of this SGT!!! He has not the integrity, attitude, or HONOR, or hold the position, or the Badge. I held the honor for 28 years. As an FTO, Academy instructor, and Supervisor. He makes me ashamed! I have NEVER seen so much ego!!!

  5. This Sgt is too far gone, the pressure or roid rage has taken hold. WE SEEN WHAT HE DID TO A FELLOW BLUELINER ….What was he about to do to that suspect?….What do you think he'd do to you?…..The City and that Dept are now negligent if he hurts the public

  6. The threat was made after he was in the car. Showing a complete lack of control of his emotions & zero regard for human life & our rights. Not fit to serve.

  7. Wow, this cop sure is brave! He singlehandedly verbally abused and threatened a handcuffed man in the back of the police car and still had enough bravery and strength to go hands on (around the neck, no less) with a much smaller female. That should keep his d*ck hard for at least the next week. FTP now and forever.

  8. Wow, that's great you got the audio. Now we can see/hear why she pulled the thug away when she did. Steam had blown his top off and he had lost his mind to the extreme. From the previous vids, I thought they had redacted the vid to hide his crimes

  9. What an absolute POS this cop is scum complete and utter scum lowlife scumbag POS all you blue line copsuckers don’t even try to justify this douchebags behaviour
    You want to see all those pussy cops jump up and help her when someone is grabbing her by the throat just make it a citizen those little weasels would beat the sh** out of anyone else but one of there own they are scumbags as well slimy little weasels

  10. Awhile ago I committed on this video when there was no audio. I at that time suggested without the audio we the viewers could only speculate at what was said that caused the female officer to act and pull the male officer out of the car. (Not my exact phrasing). Now that I know the male officer threaten to kill a suspect that was in custody and restrained. I have to say without speculation the female officer did the right thing by pulling the male officer out of the car. What I would have done makes that female officer actions look damn near divine.
    Under the threat of life without judicial review the 2nd amendment right to defence of self and others takes prominence over any other civil duty or liberty.

    As for the male officer I hope this video never sees the inside of whatever correction facility he should eventually get to stay at. Although I have doubts that since the male officer didn't kill anyone he won't get charged at all or that if he does it be a slap on the wrist.

  11. I truly feel sorry for that lady cop..No woman should have to experience a man grabbing her in an angry rage like that! And if that was me, his big ass would’ve been hitting the ground. Self defense right

  12. Shitbag with a badge. Should never be allowed to wear a badge again. Not even the the sticker badges. This is the kind of cocksucker that has made people hate and lose all trust and respect for leos

  13. This guy needs to be fired and removed from any possibility of even thinking about being involved with a police department in any official capacity. At minimum.

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