Cop CRASHED watching basketball game, other driver CITED!

Sarasota police

The officer activated his bwc and the pre roll buffer caught him watching a video of what appears to be an nba game on his phone.

Without the phone in hand my opinion is that he may have been able to avoid this crash. It’s unknown if he was watching it. But lack of signal, and the one handed turn no evoc training response took place.

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36 thoughts on “Cop CRASHED watching basketball game, other driver CITED!

  1. Well 1st There should be some other camera shots or video in that area to see what really happened,2nd You are not supposed to be on your phone while driving If a cop catches you on it they will pull you over & give you a ticket.3rd The cop was on his phone driving not paying attention to traffic his attention was on the ball game.

  2. He was in far right lane and no turning signal when he hit her and to add insult they ticketed her and was ignorant about it smh hope that she fought it and won

  3. The lies are killing me. I have yet to see a LEO tell the truth. GAWD! He told her to her face that he was looking right at her. BS! As the video shows, he was watching his phone. Also, if he was looking right at her then why didn't he try to avoid the collision? The corruption runs deep and there is nowhere that it hasn't reached. I don't know how these lying POS sleep at night.


  4. Ignorance of your employment and BASIC Rights/Laws on full display! Abolish qualified immunity and unions! Remember this behaviour at Election time because it ALWAYS runs downhill! 💩🤡🐷❄️😤🤯🚽⚖️💸🇺🇸👏🏻

  5. He's going down the road and without signaling, turns.
    She is at the stop sign and having stopped already, pulls out into the intersection ASSUMING that the police car is NOT turning but going straight.
    She pulls out into the street to meet his car now turning.
    How is a Judge going to see her at fault?
    And with the camera showing the officer NOT using a turn signal AND with his phone in his hand turned on to a game, it looks as if the lady could get out of this IF the judge is fair.
    Of course the officer should be reprimanded.
    IF the officer had seen her in an already executed turn, THEN why didn't he stop before impact??
    Answer; He was NOT looking at her.

  6. There's no way in hell I'm paying that I'm taking it to court and I'm calling ticket clinic I've used them twice and they got me exactly what I told them to get me so far they haven't let me down I'm fighting it to the full extent that I can and boy if that's what I happen to me and my personal vehicle or my work truck both of my vehicles have cameras in them always have a dash cam that face is inside outside and at the back window did the body cam of this tear is proved that he was on the phone instead of paying attention to the road 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  7. I mean it's bad enough that they sit there and are single-celled amoebas they're the world's largest dumbasses I mean quote unquote criminal knows law better than this dumbass it's bad enough that he's got this computer sitting next to him that they sit and stare at while driving at maximum speed down the city side streets but then he's sitting there watching his cell phone what's he legal is illegal and if it's illegal for me it should be 10 times more illegal for you instead of a g I didn't know I couldn't slip my dick into somebody unwillingly oh gee I didn't know I couldn't put my pistol to the back of somebody's head and shoot them I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be rapist drug dealer qualified stupidity which is a bastardization of something that was put into place for people that don't look like you you know during Reconstruction unless I'm very much mistaken

  8. Nobody helps this woman. That's it showing Pigs violating a citizen. It's okay that's there job. Remember we are your overlords and you must obey us

  9. How in the hell you looking right at her when you was watching your phone buddy distracted driver messing with his phone you should get the ticket 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  10. Back the blue? Nope. I'll back the blue when the parents of the the 19 children that died in Uvalde get to publicly line up and execute the 19 Coward cops that stood around for 77 minutes rubbing hand sanitizer on their hands learn what Natural Justice really is. Change my mind

  11. So it's okay for him to have his cell phone in his hand watching a basketball game but if you simply touch your phone when it's in the phone crater connected to your windshield or your dash they're going to write you a ticket for having your phone in your hand let me get this right this blue line gang member should get the same exact ticket because when he was doing with his cell phone is not work related he was doing exactly what any other regular citizen would do playing with their phone while they're driving unbelievable if the lady gets the ticket wait to the judge see this body can't footage 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. The arrogance, watching TV and blames the other driver. Gee I wonder why the trust in police is eroding. He has no idea what happened he was looking at his phone.

  13. This is one dirty cop who will break any law to blame others for his mistake and his crime !!! This cop should be sacked immediately he was endangering everybody on the road !!! He is an absolute clown who was watching a video whilst driving !!! Get this dirty corrupt cop out of law enforcement now !!! Not only has he damaged the other persons car he could have killed somebody !!! What an absolute disgrace to all law enforcement get this clown out of law enforcement now !!!

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