33 thoughts on “Cop Causes Crash With Amish Buggy

  1. hope they paid for the damage and for causing harm, what a bunch of detrimental invasive fool's; as usual, making thing's worse than it needed to be.
    Lucky the horse had a brain or thing's could have really gone bad, never the less, the cop's committed an alleged act of animal abuse intentionally it seems.

  2. He rammed it into my car 🙄 no a man was sleeping while walking his horse and you pulled your car in front of them both.. the buggy wasn't insured tho

  3. Way to go cop, you've made a decision to put someone in harms way. By YOUR very actions, those horses and the driver are at least shock up, if not hurt. And the horses could have bolted because of your actions of putting pressure on the horses. Typical dumb a55 behavior by a blue gang member.

  4. as Shorts go,.. that was the best.. have many "Amish" live around these parts of the woods.. could not imagine getting in they way, ne time of the day.

  5. The pig ofcourse has to create a situation = we got a drunk Amish guy passed out in a buggy . Leave people the fuc alone pig . I hope he buys him a new buggie

  6. Cop: slams on breaks 5 feet in front of horse trotting 15mph with a 1,000 pound cart.
    Horse: tries to avoid accident that cop wanted to cause.
    Horse: I can’t stop this buggy, this scary thing with flashing lights just flew in front of me, let me move to the side. Unfortunately that was a ditch and he had no way to stop. Horse smarter then cop

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