40 thoughts on “Cop Busted parking in disabled spot – One just fined someone $250 for the same!

  1. cop: "what can I do for you today?"
    JMA: "Move your tax paying vehicle out of the handicap spot."
    cop: "what can I do for you today?"
    JMA: "Move your tax paying vehicle out of the handicap spot."
    cop: "what can I do for you today?"
    JMA: "Move your F*CKING tax paying vehicle out of the handicap spot!"
    Me: "Now I know where the students who got D's & F's in school are employed."

  2. Wow! Awesome job well done Brother..Something else I noticed that is a little concerning is as you walked away along the sidewalk near the building and public accessible ,designated ,handicapped spaces….Did you see the windows open?..Opened into the WALKING LINE-of the publicly accessible sidewalk..A handicapped, less mobile or blind Citizen or Child could walk into the Window,really injury themselves..Is that not a ADA violation? Why would the ignoramus engineer or architect design these awning style windows opening up into the public walkway ..No use of common sense when designing the walkway and parking lot .. Awesome job in looking out thinking for CITIZENS SAFETY..or Anyones safety for that matter..I have always looked out for my fellow neighbor, citizen and I have noticed such violations more prevalent since I myself am handicap…. I refuse to file for a handicap plate or placard but when my Parents were alive they had plates and placards on they’re vehicles and I was caretaker ..and it’s amazing how many ignorant healthy people including officers , public employees ,even Citizens..DID NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT MY WHEELCHAIR BOUND ELDERLY SICK DYING PARENTS or any one BUT THEY’RE OWN LAZY ,IGNORANT OF THE LAW ASSES.. Cities need to pay attention on these maters and do better be in compliance to ADA laws..Or just FKN USE COMMON SENSE..AND CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER ..
    Blessed be from Pittsburgh PA..(Sorry for the long rant..But I care and love my fellow Brother and Sister neighbors ,Citizens..♥️

  3. They are always whining about all the people in our society that are supposedly "privileged." It seems the most privileged segment of our society are the cops. They figure they can do as they please because they believe the laws don't apply to them.

  4. Making full use of his pig privilege, just one of the many 'perks' that comes with being a member of the "brotherhood of the badge".
    What useless, lazy, stupid assholes these costumed clowns are.

  5. Rules for thee but not for me. THIS kind of shit is why I was forced to leave. Funny, cops do this crap all the time here in Phoenix metro but I can NEVER get one to write a citation for idiots who illegally use these spaces even when I point it out to the directly!!!!!

  6. "do as I say, not as I do"….. Government enforcers, corrupt legislators, corrupt judges and justices and all the corporate fascists that criminally and unconstitutionally bribe all of government for their benefit and against the American people.
    F*** fascists and f*** the police

  7. entitlement comes in blue too!!!!! until it happens to you….RECORD ALWAYS THE POLICE, YOU NEED YOUR VIEW OF WHAT WHEN DOWN?????? you answer your own by having a record…timestamp too

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