COP BRAKE CHECKS motorcycle and causes crash!

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Florida highway patrol trooper brake checked this group of motorcycles causing a huge crash

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37 thoughts on “COP BRAKE CHECKS motorcycle and causes crash!

  1. Sad thing is the only way you get a badge to answer is with either a lawyer or a gun. They are public servants and there should be a good level of transparency… but no, they act like they are the cia,, illuminati, you have to take the bood oath and sacrifice 3 innocent lives to get any answers.

  2. This bastard COP needs to be terminated, no pension, no back pay and no hope of ever working in Law enforcement ever again…

  3. The speed the bike is capable of is not a factor in this as the rider never passed the pig.
    The pig tried to seriously injure, or murder this young man.
    The pig played fast and loose with the life of the most vulnerable person in that stretch of road.
    I hope this young man becomes a millionaire by this pig's dangerous behaviours.

  4. End QI and police misconduct disappears overnight. FIRE that officer Charge him with reckless driving AND make him pay for the accident's costs.

  5. Yeah get yourself some lawyers really got to get some lawyers because you got a hundred million dollars guaranteed right here you got the video you got the cop trying to Cops plane you when he's the one who's a criminal at the whole time yeah I like to hear this testimony in court

  6. Cops love to lie and just listen to him by 1 after 1 minute to the next Heat attempted to kill you that's what he attempted to do otherwise why would he slammed his brakes on in front of you like you did you really need a date this officer to court and get yourself a trial because the simple fact is you got a hundred million dollars coming to you you could live one hell of a life on the yacht move out of town change identity everything else

  7. Yeah give yourself some lawyers man they take this cop to jail man discog Nissim strict training or whatever is going on with her but he needs to be supervised because he's a danger out there on the street and why was he speeding down the freeway in the first place with no emergency lights on

  8. Here's a guy getting his hands put behind his back for what charge this officer has the one that needs the handcuffs put on he just attempted to kill somebody you really need to get a lawyer because he's intent for murder

  9. You need to get yourself some lawyers and take this way up in the court system hear you got yourself a lawsuit like you wouldn't believe get yourself a hundred million dollars for what this police officer did to you under the cover law he broke every rule in the book

  10. Im at the point where i find myself agreeing with antifha that all cops are bastards. After the texas incident and now this and countless other situations. Enough is enough.

  11. I domt know from state to state, but cop was breaking the law by speeding. You probly pissed him off ( ego) and he caused the crash. It was not an accident by any means. I hope you clean his clock& tje department and lead officers. Because they are protecting him they are now liable.
    Cops speeding must use lights and sirens in most states. If I see one speeding, i usually drive his speed. He majes it okay at that point and has no reason to stop you.
    That cop needs fired and jailed for attempted murder in my opinion.
    My best to you

  12. This is what we get for officer since the lowered the standards to be an officer. low IQ egotistical psychopaths. they can't figure out why everybody hates them and they have a Target on their back

  13. Have seen more than a few boot lickers in the comments blaming the dude on the motorcycle for the crash because he was "following to close". I personally didn't see him following to close. Looked to be 2 or 3 car lengths to me. Even if he was 4 or 5 car lengths back, it's hard to stop in time when the car in front stands on the brakes like in this example.

    Seems video evidence doesn't matter though, people will only see what they want to see.

    It would be an interesting experiment to play a video like this where it's not obvious there is a cop involved then ask people who was at fault. Play the video again but identify the car as a cop. Play it a 3rd time but identify the motorcycle as the cop. I wonder if the vehicle that caused the crash would change each time.

    I feel I'm pretty objective but wonder if my opinion would change as well.

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