Cop Asked If There’s An Order He WON’T Obey… His Answer Is Chilling – Milgram’s Obedience Study

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Milgrams Obedience Study Full Documentary 1962

Meridian Police Department
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After Sgt. Fiscuss with the Meridian Idhao police department arrests mother Sara Brady for being in a park with her kids and back talking him, one of the women recording the incident asks another officer if there is an order he won’t obey. The response is chilling, and is exactly what has lead good men to commit horrible acts of genocide. His response reminded me of Milgram’s obedience study, which is discussed in this video.

This video is for educational purposes. No one was actually harmed in the experiment depicted, even though the subjects of the experiment were truly led to believe they were causing serious harm or death to another. The experiment was conducted to explore human phsycology, and understand why men do horrible things. Understanding how and why things happen, is the first step from preventing them from happening again. The intent of this video is in NO WAY to glorify the horible acts commited by men through history, but rather to learn from them to hopefully stop repeating the worst parts of history.

Studying Migram’s Obedience study should be a required part of becoming a police officer in a free society.

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32 thoughts on “Cop Asked If There’s An Order He WON’T Obey… His Answer Is Chilling – Milgram’s Obedience Study

  1. 5:45, say what you want about the SS, but the ones who 1st lined up the Jews and shot them, and then used gas chambers once built, just following orders.

    American military, best believe lots of active duty who will pull the trigger/push the button/turn the key against an American city if a senile old fool orders them to.

  2. The funny part here, he's pretending like he doesn't have officer discretion. While apparently using that discretion to EXCEED the mayor's unconstitutional "law"…

  3. How can you train Decency, Common Sense and Humanity into psychopaths?

    Public is constantly told,..”All of our Officers go through extensive background checks and psychological testing”

  4. That brilliant little girl said "What did she do that was so bad?" Cop says "trespassing" Girl responds with "on public property?…… WOW!" and walked off! That little girl is my Hero! For real.

  5. That's right another useless idiot with a costume and a badge. I can not even pretend in front of one of the mindless thugs anymore. You can see my disgust from a mile away if there is a cop anywhere near me. I usually get a question from them of did I do something to you to deserve that look. And well.. that opens the door for me to let them know..

  6. Any person that joins an organization, army, police where the y are asked to follow is gotta be a 40%r, and sorry to say James freeman you were in the army too, do you think the people of the countries you were sent to in order to take their resources and so that oil companies and the elites profit liked you

  7. If he said he would follow all orders I'm surprised someone didn't tell him to stick his head between his legs and kiss his own butt. I would have loved to see how he reacted to that seeing that he works for the people and they are the bosses.🤣

  8. James this is scary. My son ( 24 year old) and I talk about this a lot.
    Where are going as a society.
    We must question how our laws are enforced all the time.
    I'm 71 years old and even in Australia I have seen the change in Police enforcement getting the same as the US.
    We throw shit at China, Russia and the list goes on.
    We need to look more in our own backyard before there is no return.

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