Cop Admits In Deposition He Had No Knowledge Of What He Wrote In His Report

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34 thoughts on “Cop Admits In Deposition He Had No Knowledge Of What He Wrote In His Report

  1. I'm in no way inciting violence in any way…I used to be bewildered when people would get in gun fights with police. When I was younger I was honestly shocked….I was raised by my parents to Respect those in positions of authority,like many probably reading this.
    I am now not shocked at all after having numerous encounters with "law enforcement" and from my own personal experience and research I am no longer shocked by THESE CLOWNS.
    I am personally in constant fear of my wellbeing and overall Life, because of my own experience and the EVIDENCE presented in this video.

    These Gang members are gate keepers for the Elite/Rich and Powerful.
    Wake up U Sheeple, wake the f*CK up!!!!!!!

  2. Nothing in this show is helpful. Attorneys can not be helped. Lol…. All punning aside.

    Horrible…. Absolutely horrible.

    Nothing can stand against this path of ignorance and violence. Nothing. Not words. Not death. Somewhere someone believes strongly that this can be used for monetary gain and social networking.

    My opinion. Horrible. Nothing comes from the “fruit of a poisonous tree”. End quote.

  3. Let me see I’m going to think about this a minute. When they go to their police training. They train them how to kill number 1. They train them how to lie number 2. They train you how to mislead and cheat number 3. they teach them about their qualified immunity and how to manipulate it number 4. they teach them that we are all guilty until proven innocent number 5. they teach how to manipulate you into perjuring yourself. Number 6.

  4. It's interesting but do notice there's an awful lot of cutting going on in this video. He asks questions then it cuts to the next question without the answer. I'm at the 8.30 minute mark now having just watched a number of the cuts. I will get on with it.

  5. This just proves my statement even more that cops are not properly trained to investigate anything including themselves. If they do investigate anything they half ass it and only get partial information. The alleged "victim" can say anything and the cops will take that as hard core fact while if they even talk to the suspect anything they say is a lie or will be ignored especially if the alleged "victim" is a female. These days they "get a phone call" via 911 and take that as instant "proof" that a crime has been committed and once on scene they push to find what alleged crime to come up with even if they have to make it up and or falsely accuse the suspect of frivolous crimes such as "resisting arrest" and "obstruction".

  6. The fact that Police are allowed to lie is a deal breaker for me, this is why we are told never talk to the police and is the best advice ever given which is very disturbing.

  7. Just another cop conducting business as usual. (I don't care if u go to jail thereby depriving you of your liberty, I have zero evidence, i conducted a half ass investigation but that's good enough for me)

  8. This happens far too often, when put to the question LEOs under oath come across as one of two things, they are either Incompetent or Corrupt.

    I do not know which one of these this POS is. He’s probably both (and lazy).

    But at least the useless sack of crap has the gall to be indignant at having “his time wasted” by defending his shoddy investigative work.

  9. Who is the fat fuck breathing in the mic? That guy needs to lose some weight before he has a stroke. Only guessing what he looks like but I bet I’m right

  10. "a 2nd home in SF"
    Odds are good that if there isn't a homeless person taking a crap on his lawn right now, he's got squatters.
    SF today is literally a shithole.

    I was listening to a Chico CA radio station 2 weeks before the '22 elections. The political ad I heard the most was about human sewage entering the ground water.
    PLAGUES are caused by these conditions.

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