27 thoughts on “City clerk chokes up asking her to make sure POLICE are doing records right!

  1. You can let people know bring awareness but you can’t make other people care about it some people have to go through it and then to know it’s real hopefully not everybody though thank you for what you do and educating

  2. When your job turns you into an immoral idiot, you have to be rethinking your life choices. How could she stand there and weirdly smile and say nothing when she is being told that the city she works for is corrupt? How could you work for that city/PD? The fact that she wouldn’t say a word tells you she is fully aware of how grossly corrupt that PD is!!!! Shame on anyone who would be apart of anything so disgusting. I hope her family is real proud. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. James Maddison keep pressuring these tyrants like the video from Galveston that was a good job whenever to spoke with the idiot on the phone 📞

  4. How about every time our public workers over charge, act rude, ignore or just screw up at their job we the people charge them an "unable to complete task" penalty fee.
    We can have that amount deducted from their pay and use it to feed the homeless.
    Bet you they'd be more willing to stop this shit quick like.
    Citizens should not be further burden by charges and over fees from our servants.
    I so appreciate you helping us to see what really goes on with unnecessary charges as the government continues to find ways to empty our bank accounts.
    Shame on this thievery.
    Blessings to you.
    Peace ☺ ✌
    " When you fill your pockets with others gold, eventually your pocket will rip spilling the gold along the trail where you stole it from." CJAyers ❤

  5. It's corruption, just like paying a building inspector. Everyone takes a cut. Police just don't hide it because they have more power than anyone in their area. We are more like a collection of gang territories than a republic.

  6. The agency that I worked in would charge after the 15th copy. When people would call me seeking advice or policy on obtaining public records, I would advise them to request 15 pages and the next 15 pages and so on until they obtain the entire file for free. If they requested a disk and if it didn’t involve excessive man hours the cost was one dollar.
    On one occasion our supervisor mentioned in a staff meeting how we charged an internal employee over 60 dollars for a file that the employee could have obtained for one dollar if they had known they could obtain it for that fee. The employee wanted to obtain a copy of an investigation because the agency was screwing the employee but the supervisor supported the oppressors.
    You might not believe it but we all lit into that supervisor with such passions that the supervisor announced the discussion about it was over but one employee told the supervisor they would meet in the supervisor’s office for further discussion after the staff meeting.
    The supervisor’s office adjoined my office and the walls rocked with the lively discussion. Shortly afterwards the supervisor decided to move on to other ventures. We had lost all respect.

  7. Did they actually blur out a lic. tag number that is out in the public 24/7/365 days a year and charge for that? That is wrong for sure. They are abusing the system to make money. I have seen in other BWC footage where they blur the cops faces, but their names are in the report and you can get a pic of the office from the departments web site. That is blurring for profit.

  8. This might be a stupid question but: aren't we as tax payers already paying them to do this? I mean that is their job working in the Public Records office, right?

  9. James, you are so thorough and great follow through. But their side is not. Suggestion, if I may. Keep a log, detail it and post to it in front of them. They can't deny.

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