23 thoughts on “Charles An-cap Copwatch Arrested By New Mexico State Police

  1. You could go in there and say you know I’m sorry you got out of the room I try to lock it after I take meals into them but sometimes he gets loose

  2. I remember taking the Greyhound through Albuquerque I was amazed to see all the police on motorcycles on that eight Lane freeway I believe four on each side right and the previous had excellent architecture on the bridges yeah they were doing hopscotch pulling people over for I imagine speeding I thought it was quite hardcore oh yeah I'm from California so nothing we don't have speed traps we definitely don't have them doing relays pulling people over for money at least not in San Diego

  3. There is no probable cause of a crime for a newsmans "safety", as they have ZERO DUTY to protect anyone…..
    NO "standing" and NO "cause of action" for an arrest…..

    Cites for standing on New Mexico:

    “‘Standing’ is a doctrine requiring that the claimant must have a personal stake in the outcome of the case; the claimant must allege both injury in fact and a traceable causal connection between the claimed injury and the challenged conduct. Dona Ana County Clerk v. Martinez, 124 P.3d 210.

    “Standing requires injury in fact, causation, and likelihood of redress.” Williams v. Stewart, 112 P.3d 281.

    “Lack of standing is a potential jurisdictional defect, which may not be waived and may be raised at any stage of the proceedings, even sua sponte by the appellate court.” Gunaji v. Macias, 31 P.3d 1008.

    You are right though James, the traitor, terrorist tyrants do not give a CRAP about the law, or their sworn oaths and duties.

    THE governments ALL OF THEM, all three branches are EXACTLY why the 2nd amendment was written……
    They are habitually lying, corrupt, tyrants, traitors and terrorist capital felons.

    All I saw was a TERRORIST AMBUSH and aggravated assault and battery, false imprisonment, aggravated kidnapping, TREASON of the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments and of course deprivation of rights under the COLOR OF LAW NOT to mention the damage to his armed robbed property by the terrorist kidnapping capital felon THUGS…..then of course, comes the torture and false claims/lies…..and FALSE and fabricated charges.

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