35 thoughts on “Cedar City Utah Cop Watch – They Are Still Fools

  1. Who calls police and tells them there is someone who wants to die?That is like going to an AA meeting at a bar,you think everything's going to be o.k but more than likely someone isn't going to be able to walk out on there own.Why do you think death by cop is a main way to commit suicide.Because it work's 100% of the time

  2. Police are woefully unprepared for suicidal and mental health situations. I hope that our country can improve. Suicide is an epidemic in our country especially with the COVID 19 repercussions. My friend, a retired Navy corpsman killed him self in an unnecessary stand off with Police during a mental breakdown. He didn't need to have guns pointed at him, he just needed love and understanding. Being father responsible for supporting a family is very difficult. Now his kids are without a father. Men and especially veterans are at high risk of suicide. It is urgent that public services retool. The unnecessary bloodshed at our own hands is horrific. Where is the love?

  3. how professional are those piolice especially a sergeant.. Did they recruit him straight from 1st grade to be a sergeant as he couldn't possibly have been promoted with the attitude of how to win friends and influence enemies! You ought to take this footage to their chief. excuses to defund the police and refund to people that can actually handle problems like this !

  4. You guys are really PATHETIC. Officers responded to a call and you LIBTARDS come off your World Of WarCraft sessions and start running your mouths. These guys are doing what their paid to do.
    On top of the regular job description, nowadays they also have to deal with Jack Holes like yourself too. I watched your "DOCUMENTATION" lol and I never heard any officer say anything disrespectful to you guys at all. You called the guy sh*tbag for what….being a Cop?
    The only SH*TBAGS I witnessed was you and your "buds"……
    Get a life man, let Law Enforcement do their jobs.
    You hate Cops, I get it…
    And TRUMP isn't your PRESIDENT either right? Get ready for 4 more Douchbag…lmfao

    ☆☆TRUMP 2020☆☆

  5. Revealing that they're dealing with potential suicide has got to be breaking some kind of privacy laws or something, anyone know?

  6. I love you guys for fighting for me and for other Americans try to bring attention to how police officers not all of them but many of them are not there to protect us or protect our constitutional rights. Looks like some of them are out there to intimidate love buying citizens and waste our money on their useless activities.

  7. As a citizen of these United States you DO NOT speak for me. You claim to be in the interests of law abiding people, yet you are here hurling suicide threats and wishing these working class cops who just want to go home to their families dead? Absolutely no empathy. Y’all are straight psychopaths and no different ideologically than jihadists. You are so convinced you are right it is scary. Please get out of my town. As a resident of Cedar City, I don’t feel safe with YOU there. Please leave and never return!

  8. A cop in cedar city killed a guy they claimed he had a gun pointing at them, so they killed him, the officer gets a paid leave for killing him. Maybe that's what there after is paid vacation. I have not had one cop my entire life ever do me any good, they take your money if you tint your windows, take your money for things that don't hurt anybody, your paycheck is literally in jeapordy every time you see one. It takes a special kind of ass hole to even be a cop. Ego the size of Texas, citizens need to rise up against it or they will continue to run us under. Filing a complaint will make them loose their pension after a few complaints then they will either quit or be working without retirement benefits. Give those jackasses some of their own medicine.

  9. lovely video to watch,,,u guys must've balls of steel…i LOL@2:22 ,,,very strong and fatal message……i guess even whoever was trying to commit suicide changes his/her mind because of the cameras😁,,,,hey officer shitbag if u are reading take this 🖕,,,,,,,keep the camera rolling man,,,,expose these parasites…..stay safe.

  10. You would be happy to know that the LDS church beings in all the drugs expose that I love your audits by the way should come to Michigan

  11. The cops treat suicidal people just like criminals. They put them in the back of their car then take them to a hospital where they are stripped of all of their personal belongings including their clothes and phone, they are given a bench to sleep on while they are locked up in a seclusion room for their “safety”.
    Isn’t it great how we treat people with mental health issues? And we wonder why people are reluctant to reach out for help.

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